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To make a change from my political poems, here is the 6th of my 7 dragon poems. Read More
And for something different, a dragon poem, the first of seven I wrote in the 1990s. Read More
I will warn you right now, This is about two FEMALES love, While criticism is excepted, I don't want to hear any "Gawd, ur so gay"'s, without also having a reason for why you make this seem like a bad thing. Done with Sasha. ^-^ Read More
Part 2 of my epic tale of two bounty hunter sisters. An absolute random story that i wrote for myself and never really meant to show anyone but my friends. Try and read Part 1 'Kick Ass Maidens Who Are Bounty Hunters' first This Part 2 is a lot darker… Read More
A very short story i wrote when out on a college trip, revolving around two girls who protect the city of Hoodlesbury from crime and threats. It's Action Comedy. But bare in mind i wrote it for myself and also wrote it on a bus, haha. Read More
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