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From a glance, Carmen Korramere looks like a pretty average teenager. She's everything but. She is trapped in her mind and sometimes it helped predict obstacles in the future; although she didn't know she had this ability, so the present scared her just as much as anyone else. Follow Carmen… Read More
The 7th Chris Smith story. Chris has got a job in a Footscray sweatshop. Read More
Sixth Chris Smith story. Chris gets dumped because he cannot afford to take his girlfriend to a David Bowie concert. Read More
The first of nearly 20 short stories I wrote about life on unemployment benefit in a country (Australia) where the unemployed are treated like murderers on death row. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A family moves to another city, but decides to leave their little dog behind to fend for itself. This is the dog's story. Read More
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