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observe as this thrilling conclusion hits climax full throttle Read More
We Are the Lava Rock Stars We sing in harmony Every tree is a free concert hall We sing 12 hours non-stop from 6 to 6 No R&B, Rock, rap, reggae or calypso We sing pure Coqui Puerto Rican Style We are the rock stars Singing from trees on Lava… Read More
Mango is beleived to be native to India. Mangoes outside India too have superb quality; Hawaii is one of those places where one can get top quality mangoes. Read More
So a few weeks ago I entered a writing competition (don't think I've got through but hey!) and this was my very last minute very cheesy very random entry :DD Read More
Its about the art of selling Mango Fruit In India and the sheer nightmare when the price is bargained for. Read More

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“Juggernaut was taking a stroll on Collins Avenue in North Miami Beach; the Sun was slowly setting and the breeze was cold, it can get cold in Miami in January, thought Juggernaut, then suddenly he heard a voice shouting his name “Hey Juggernaut, is it you,” Juggernaut looked back to… Read More
South Indian ‘Idli’ and ‘Vada’ Can’t eat without coconut chutney and spicy sambar; Deep fried puffy ‘Puri’ Can’t eat without vegetable curry; Read More
GlassSlipperChallenge GLASSSLIPPER CHALLENGE AUGUST 5 SHORT STORY BrokenPieces HAS TO BE 1ST AND LAST SENTENCE OF STORY Mango - I counted slowly to ten to calm myself down. Unfortunately, it didn't work. WHAT MY STORY HAS TO BE AROUND Yellow - Broken Picture frame CHARACTER IN THE STORY: WEIRD: Kirk… Read More
Essay is about the sometimes painful experiences of growing up. Read More
This poem-story is aimed for our teenagers to learn from our experiences and NOT to commit the same mistakes as we did and it INVITES all of you to SHARE your ideas on DE-STRESSING... It also incorporates 3 challeges in this - 1. Laurel - the cover snap of a… Read More

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August 20, 2007

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Does what it says on the tin. not sure if it's any good though. It's about loving someone, but knowing it will only be true in your mind - an idea. Read More
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