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Your owner's manual came with the price of your car. Now is the time for it to make some money for you. This article tells how this often ignored publication can save you money when referred to properly. Read More
This paper will explore the movie “Requiem for a Dream,” and an addiction to methamphetamines. It will identify the substance and give a brief description of its effects and danger to society. Classification of the drug will be discussed, and general concerns about withdraw symptoms. Also, the frequency of drug… Read More

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This paper examines the five criteria for dissociative identity disorder in relation to Norman Bates. Strength and weakness are included, along with barriers to treatment. Examples from Norman’s life will assist the reader in understanding why his behavior is abnormal. Read More
The book is designed to help aspiring novelists to write a blockbuster at first attempt and hit fame and fortune. It is also a must-read for teachers and students, academics and researchers, journalists and the general reader desiring to ride out the recession by exploring a successful career in the… Read More
I wasn't sure where to post this but I figure it would interest many of you who love to write (and I know you have a lot to say!). It is a new project of mine called We Wrote The Manual. The idea is that people submit advice, opinions, nostalgia… Read More
Almost everyone has heard the terms “automatic” and “manual transmissions” when discussing automobiles, and it not news that the majority of cars on the road today utilize automatic transmissions, even though they are quite a bit newer than their relative manuals. The automatic transmission is often a technology we take… Read More
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