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...Never on god's earth did a happy end exist. If you object, think about it... if its happy, is it really ending? And when it truly is the end, mark my words, it'll never be happy. For the taste of death is one and same......... Such is… Read More
A short poem you might wish you never read... Read More
"When the world fades from existence, only miseries remain, You know that no amount of pain will ever hurt you again... ...Won't it, though...?" Aspen Loss is your ordinary teen, with a lot less rebellion, considering he's an orphan. A boy with a serious issue of insomnia.… Read More
The mares of Diomedes, eaters of men's flesh, have reappeared after a being imprisoned by a shamans spell. But the bones have been disturbed, and once again, the hell mares stalk the earth. Read More

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November 21, 2008

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This is NOT about nightmares, like, the scary kind, it is about HORSES!! Read More

Tags: horses, night, stars, mares

Transparent breaths, of the invisible whisperer, reveal themselves as waves, Read More
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