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First wrote this on my blog ( in early June 2013, in response to the Paris Jackson suicide attempt and her reasoning behind it. In this post, I shared my thoughts and insight regarding Paris Jackson, Marilyn Manson, teen depression and suicide. Read More
I know you're human, Mr. Warner. Why doesn't everyone else? Read More
Kemper has a love for Marilyn Manson, he's an absolute idol of hers. After being thrown out of her foster parents home, she meets up with her old orphan friend, Jared. With his help, she comes up with a seemingly "fool-proof" idea to meet him. But what she doesn't know… Read More
Because I'm a music nerd, I thought of 20 albums that had such a profound effect on me they changed my life. I dug into my soul to find the music that brought me to life when I heard it. Royally affected me, kicked me in the arse, literally socked… Read More
This is a short story I have written inspired by the song titled "Count to Six and Die" written and performed by Marilyn Manson. Text in italics are lyrics to the song. Read More
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