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Fanfiction I'm writing for a friend. <3 Read More
You were going to meet your favorite YouTubers and some others and Mark's friends start to weirdly start disappearing and you get asked to help him, read to find out what happens Read More
The day of the battle had finally come. But neither Mark, nor Jack were able to tell if they would survive until the sunrise of the new day... Read More

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November 27, 2017

Jack (aka Sean) and Mark even their friends lose their job on YouTube because it is being taken down.What will they do now? Mark and Sean get a kid?! Wait wait what was that sound? Read More
Mark is a senior in high school and he just moved from Ohio to California to start life over again. But an unwanted visitor decides to show up after being gone for over a year. Who knows what he wants now? Read More
Long ago there were four ruling clans who ruled over the lands in constant feuding. The four clans were divided by their divine colors. The red clan. Humble yet prideful, always looking for a fight. The blue clan. Wise yet trigger happy, knows when to take a step back. The… Read More
This is the story of one small youtuber that makes the greatest adventure Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Aria wants the fairy tale life. Great long lasting friends. A boyfriend who makes her feel great inside. But who gets that life when your demons are dragging you down and you can't swim to get away? Aria is stuck drowning in the water and no one notices. Except for… Read More
In watching Youtube clips and old clips of vaudeville, I was struck by the similarities and how Facebook is helping clips go viral as each user becomes a kind of Press Agent so I looked into it and wrote about it. Just my observations on it and where it might… Read More
Hello everyone, I am sure that many people are familiar with the youtuber Markiplier. Well a few years back he had played the indie game 'Anna'. It was a game which triggered a number of fan theories regarding it's plot primarily due to its consistently ambiguous nature. The following story… Read More
After being contacted by Aaron Yamir—Director over the Alnwick Institute and its Patient-Visitor Program—Rosalyn believes the routine of ‘How are you feeling’ will be all that is to come. When she meets Markus, her opinion changes. Infamous for his connection to the Grove Place murders, Markus was found ‘not guilty’… Read More
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