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My digital art "TR-3B" solitary astronaut lost in the outer reaches of the galaxy Read More

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1000 word short story about a marooned pirate. Art credit: Read More

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Book / Memoir

September 17, 2018

Be a part of the journey of a man who finds himself marooned on an island with several other survivors from a perilous plane crash. Read More
After surviving a spaceship crash, 13-year old Andy is stranded in the wilderness of a distant planet with twin suns. His only companion is a small metallic box with artificial intelligence. Together, they must brave the elements, the harsh winter, and find a way to get rescued. Read More
A tale of being marooned on another planet in another galaxy. Read More

Poem / Humor

January 18, 2014

Meg and Mae's joy turned abruptly to disappointment Read More
Marooned on a cluster of rocks in the bay by his home, a young boy fights the elements, striving to survive. Read More
Two people are desparately in need of rescue in an unmarked island after a plane crash. Eileen Charles and Jeff Donovan fight together to survive for five days in the island. Nightmares haunt Eileen. She imagines canibalistic tribes and deadly animals. Jeff Donovan helps her through the whole journey. They… Read More
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