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The Booksie Classic House

This is mainly a 1 paragraph pilot to a book I may want to write called "Solar" so if this short story gets good ratings I may want to continue it and make it into a full book so please, enjoy ;) Read More
How long are we Americans going to pretend like we don't have a problem? Senseless murder in America is on the rise. When it comes to human relationships it seems quite apparent that here in America we a not doing something right. Read More
A creepy poem from the 1980s about, a madman! Read More
Over a couple of decades at least the Sri Lankan government demonised the Tamils, so that when the government slaughtered them en masse a year or so back no-one even raised an eyebrow. However, Ceylonese people living in Australia swear the Sri Lankan government is an evil regime and the… Read More
On August 29, 1993 In the Brazilian town, Vigário Geral, The police opened fire on the innocent And to the ground thirty people fell. Read More

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September 24, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

A journey of one man, Into the mind of a mass murderer. Read More

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