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taken from my book, "Fighting For Dominance" Read More
ur name is Taylor Parks. U are 23 years old. u have blondish brownish hair with hazel eyes. NO U ARE NOT BLACK/NOR WHITE :P u are...20%black 20%white 20%asian20%italian and 20% viatenemese(sp?) u are not of fan of Eminem...not really a hater either u think of him as. eh? but… Read More
this is a Marshall Mathers up to Eminem love haters just Eminem lovers.. Read More
Set in 2009. Marshall meets this woman, at first he just wants to have sex with her, then he grows to like her. But she don't like him, he tries so hard to convince her on a date. Dose she finally give in? Read More
After growing up in Minnesota, and dealing with her crazy ex. Meleah moves to Detroit, forcing Megan to come with her. Meleah (22) stalks Eminem (29) for a while. Finally he notices and decides to go see she what shes up to. Once he finds out who she is, he… Read More
A story of Meleah and Marshall Mathers (Eminem). Meleah meets Marshall at a concert of his. They date for a while, they end up breaking up about 6 months later. Unknown to Marshall Meleah gives birth to their son Keith. Five years later they meet again... what will happen?? ohh… Read More
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