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"A Boy's Bible Study of Jesus" dissolves the dullness of complacency in a teenage boy's Christian life, replacing it with a hunger to read the Bible, a passion to know Jesus more, and a grateful commitment to follow Him. This study concentrates on the Book of Matthew as a pivot… Read More
Zack, a broken man who has just been released from an asylum, has just moved into an old Victorian house on Jasper street. But he is not alone in the house, the spirit of a woman haunts his home. Soon Zack and this spirit care for one another and it… Read More
A work of non fiction under my pen name William Pierce about five brothers and manhood. Read More
A team of scientists is gathered by a secretive government agency to stop a threat to not only Earth but all of the Universe and love may be the only hope. Read More
Survivors from a sunken cruise ship end up on an island and encounter horror. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A man with no memory wakes up in an asylum and is plagued with nightmarish visions. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A husband caring for a disturbed wife encounters brief hope followed by immense tragedy. Read More
A troubled mechanic returns to his boyhood home of Sanctuary Hill and discovers a dark curse which haunts the town. Read More
Thriller/Suspense/Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novel. Copyright © 2017 by Alex Sharpe (About): Everything was fine... Just another fine day at the park - a day with the family, and our dog... But then it began. All of the sudden they were here, without a name, without warning. They roamed the Earth devastating anything… Read More
Matthew is a Father to Jenny. He is still fighting the Lost Of His Wife Who Died not Long after the Birth of Jenny Having never really known Her Mom She long's to Be with Her Father but with Trying to support Jenny and Be a Good Father He is… Read More
meet matthew the rabbit and kind creature who lives on a farm in estoria. when his friend jonathan his bullied by ollie, the owl, how will matthew react? first story in the life of matthew the rabbit. Read More
Its a poem about how my life has bring me down to my lowest point through breakups and life issues. Read More
Myth - A boy with dark powers who wants to get rid of them is sent on a quest to defeat a beast with the most obscure name Read More
A novel about how Axis won World War 2. A solitary young man and the Russian woman he loves join a revolution to liberate the world from tyranny. Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 25, 2014

its a very deep and personal poem of a bad event happened in my life as a child. Read More
We need to speak up for Christ and He Himself is an example of how to do so. Read More
We are called to be disciples of Christ. Matthew is a great example of how to do this. This article takes a look at Matthew and how we can follow his example. Read More
What do you treasure? Whatever it is it reveals your heart. Read More
Divorce is not an easy topic, so let's take a quick look at it in the context of Christianiy. Read More
A van follows Alice one cold night. Inside is Maxwell, on the seat beside him is a gun and a bottle of chloroform. Before the night is ends someone will be dead and a woman will be abducted. But that is just where Alice's experience begins. But Maxwell has not… Read More
During the sixties, a couple with a broken marriage are forced to be in a bomb shelter together. Read More
Matthew can see the beings that other people cannot, beings that appear only when someone is about to die. Read More

Book / Romance

January 01, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

Mia has no idea what she's in for when she lands her dream job working as a sports injury specialist. She's thrilled when she finds out she'll be working with her favorite player: Matthew Rossi. Her happiness is shattered when it turns out that Matt hates her from the moment… Read More
A tale about a shop owner; his wife and a veteran of the first World War who can neither speak nor laugh at the shop owner's crude jokes. Read More
Best of Alex Sharpe's Poetry. Everything you read in this book is copyright and subject to penalty under law. Read More
A future dramatic love novel. Copyright © 2017 by Alex Sharpe (About): Dream Forever is a brand new project that I am working on. It is based completely off of a dream that I had, where I woke up crying and was so depressed that I did not want to… Read More
My Words -- Words I Created and Love/Use/Enjoy -- Including Words From My Own Created Language -- Vogue Russian, a Mix of English, Russian, Spanish, and Other -- A Very Easy to Learn and Understand Language! Read More
The story of two British soldiers in a trench during the first world war. Read More
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