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A story about a kangaroo and her young son her in pouch fleeing a dingo. Read More
A story about a whale named Tough Hide who has to protect his families from whalers. Read More
A story told from the perspective of a mother polar bear that is about to drown. Read More
A story about the leader of a pack of wolves, Fang, and a encounter with a man from ancient Sparta. Read More
Just another story I started and forgot all about. It is a science fiction story that broaches the subject of violence and freedom. Read More
I got a lot of unfinished projects maybe it was unwise to start a new one. Here is a short story I am writing about a tough father and mother protecting their children from an increasingly hopeless world. Read More
The fourth issue of a comic series I'm writing and hoping to pitch to DC Comics. Read More
Got to many unfinished projects, but decided to try my hand at a Western. It is just meant to be an old fashioned Western with modern influences. Read More
This is a fictional retelling of some of the war stories my grandfather told me as a kid. It is about Scott Bernard, a Canadian who survives the battle of Diep and spends most of the war in an Oflag, a Nazi prison camp for Allied officers. It is… Read More
A script I'm writing which is my attempt at science fiction. Feed back would be appreciated. Read More
A partially completed script about a burnt out intervenionist who is employed by two men, Andy who represents the idealistic young generation of the sixties and Bill Taylor who represents the establishment. It is a love story and is about redemption. I need to know if it is any… Read More
An almost completed shoe-string budget script which seemingly about zombies, but is really about exploitation. Read More
This is actually a script I wrote. It is a retelling of the Worm of Lambton, where a young man while fishing unknowingly unleashes a dragon on his community. Read More
Here are a bunch of ideas I came up with for film scripts, if you got the time could you check them out and let me know which one might make a good film. Read More
Tells the story of a reckless World War 2 fighter pilot, and the fight be can't win but can't refuse. Read More
This is a play I'm working on about an unrequited love between a misplaced, drunken Southern lawyer and his secretary who is in hiding, and about how a case where they are the only ones who can save a good man from the gas chamber will make them face how… Read More
A satire of the James Bond films. World's greatest and most respected secret agent Jim Lazenby only works with the best but now he is paired up with Canadian secret agent Charles McKenzie; an intelligence analyst who has no passion for his work. But perhaps Lazenby can make a real… Read More
In the sleepy small town of Dover; respectable husband and father Arthur Hudson hides a secret from both his family and his community. But this seemingly conservative, upstanding individual will soon have that secret revealed and his family will know how far he will go to protect them. Read More
The first season of an anime series I completed. It is a space opera loosely based on the Greek mythology. War rages in the milky way galaxy as a species named the Thugans wipes out all life in a war of genocide. But a group of men are abducted from… Read More
A script I completed. It is set in a bleak city where Lucifer, a fallen angel, will be made mortal and will earn his way back into heaven if he passes a tests given to him by God. Can love redeem the most evil entity in existence? Read More
a comedy about a fictional version of america and the most incompetent presidential administration in history. it is not finished. Read More
a script i wrote about how prior to world war 2 the american army enlists a werewolf, a vampire and a giant made from the bodies of the dead to stop the nazis from finding something that threatens the world. Read More
A script I wrote. It tells the story of two fur trappers, Fletcher Harrison and Louis Lafleur, who prior to the War of 1812 are hired by the British Army to kill an American General. Both good men, neither want to kill a man, but only agree for the women… Read More
This is actually a script for a Godzilla film which asks a question. If Godzilla was small and had a job in Tokyo, what kind of man would he be? Read More
A short story I'm working on in a mythos for short stories I'm going to compile into a book. The setup is that all the characters from mythologies around the world existed in a forgotten age and how average characters with identifiable problems have run in from a few survivors… Read More
Issue three of a fan fiction series on the children of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman who lost their parents and now must decide if they want to carry their parent's mantel. Read More
Issue two of some fan fiction I'm writing and am trying to submit to DC comics. Read More
A short story about a meeting between the most powerful man of the ancient world and a philosopher who lives like a vagabond. Read More
Simple country boy Chad Thatcher meets a mysterious woman one night in a bar which begins a series of strange, unnatural events. Chad Thatcher is going to learn that his boring and ordinary world still has some magic left in it. Forgive some typos, I will edit the story next… Read More
Couple Ken Speedman and his girl Alice are stranded in the middle of nowhere on dark and stormy night and take shelter in a dark mansion. They encounter a strange family and Ken will be in for the night of his life. Read More
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