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Rosaline: Once the daughter of the king but now a disgrace ripped from her throne and handed over to the beasts she finds herself in the peculiar situation on having to find a way to reinstate not only her power but her humanity. Liam: A traveling warrior looking to… Read More
A tale that celebrates community life in a fantastical world. Read More
Agatha of Crows used to be the All Mighty Queen of the Black Kingdom, but she´s been expelled from her homeland because of the terror she caused between her people by torturing them for fun on her frightening machines. While running away from soldiers, she found herself saved by a… Read More
It was inspired by the works of Tolkien and video games like Diablo and Warcraft. It's a dark fantasy adventure, a journey i hope you will enjoy. Midland is usually a nice and quiet place but lately things have taken a dark turn. Creatures from beyond Death have appeared… Read More
Rumi, a notorious thief in the Black Region failed on an important mission and was stripped of his leadership. In order to take his honor back, he was forced to work with Noriko Arezana, an enigmatic woman who was known as the 'Vampire Assassin'. Little did he know that… Read More

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Losing her memories, a soldier found herself tangled in an inevitable war between the Church, the Vampires, the Alchemists and the rest of the mankind. (LGBT: Girl on Girl, contains mature content) Read More
This is a little (teeny-tiny) sneak peek of the project I am working on. However, I still won't be posting the actual book for a while yet. I am posting this piece for you all to read so I can test the waters, so to speak. Please, let me know… Read More
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