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Meditation using the Srimad Bhagavatam and Bhagavad-Gita scripture along with other books from what I learned from my own experience. Read More

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Just working is hard enough. We don't need added stress from work and having it seep into other areas of our lives. Traveling is a great way to reduce stress and fight depression. Read More
Jack Amano became an anti-mainstreamer and got on board the jet stream in order to search for his own path in an exotic country. Read More
A Poem I wrote in 2012 to help me meditate. Maybe it can help others as well. Read More

Poem / Romance

January 17, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

Wong Haff from a small country far, far away shares his insight into the contrast between Yoga and Buddhist meditations. Read More
Like most of my writing, this uses a lot of symbolism. The name is derived from a modern western occult teaching which states that it takes seven hundred seventy-seven incarnations to go from an animal to a man. Read More
I have physical issues that seriously affect how I feel. My friend Chandra wrote to me, “Please do explore meditation, maybe Kriya yoga? I think Tai Chi is also a form of meditation but may not be fully focused as in mind taking over the body.” This document is a… Read More

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June 13, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

A reflection on landscape and body merging during moment by moment awareness. Read More
Why are some people able to connect with others on a much deeper level than the rest of us? Are they gifted? More intuitive? Perhaps we are all capable of such sensitivity, but only a few are equipped psychologically to bear the responsibility that comes with it. Read More
Inspired by my insomnia and wondering mind. Read More
Meditating present; welcoming future Read More
The fifth part of My New Spiritual System called Creativity. It focuses on creativity as a way to self-realization. Read More
The first part of my new spiritual system. This part is called "Being" and focuses of what it might mean to be true to oneself and describing different aspects of this problem. What tools I use to find the path to myself, feeling bliss and doing public service. Read More
Book "Awaiting the Golden Age" is an aid in making the first step to improve body, spirit and life. The book was born while traveling in Himalayas. Author wanted to depict and explain the road he and many others walked. This road heals the wounds of the soul. Spiritual things… Read More
I wrote this, in 2016. It's part of my 6th poem set, Closed Unlocked. Read More
tranquility of mind by: shena marie pacano “have you perceived your attention when unsettled conditions arise? open your mind from alertness, undesirable views and constant, endless thinking” the word “meditation” can be referred to the emotional and mental awareness of mind; it is the manner of managing information and personality.… Read More
A small fable I created to encourage, or in regards to self reflection. Read More
An article about meditation, structure and discipline. Read More
Lama Surya Das, the most highly trained American lama in the Tibetan tradition, presents the definitive book on Western Buddhism for the modern-day spiritual seeker. The radical and compelling message of Buddhism tells us that each of us has the wisdom, awareness, love, and power of the Buddha within; yet… Read More
Poem, late night pondering. Read More
This book is writen by my own expriences along my journey, This book is to those who want to change and become their greatest version, I talk about many things most of them are, to help you becoming yourself and to realize that how you see the world is your… Read More
A small prayer comes out from soul, when you sit in mid of the Mother Nature, that prayer is through consciousness you have attained to reach God. Read More
An article about meditation from an alternative point of view. Read More
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