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December 30, 2013

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A Death Note fanfiction. Matt tries to understand Mello's reasons for leaving after L's death, and Mello tries to stop Matt from coming after him. M/M slash. Read More
{DEATH NOTE FANFICTION} When Mello and Matt come across a shocking sight, Mello is left to rethink his views upon his rival, and how effected he really was after the incident. Near is confused on Mello's sudden change of personality. Inspired by the song Odd One by Sick Puppies. Read More

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brianna is a fifteen year old girl. it's been four years since she left the orphanage in england. four years since she's seen her best friend and even longer since she's seen a guy she considered her big brother. she is finally going to find her best friend. what will… Read More

Tags: kiss, near, kira, mello, rhia

I'm not going to post my bad stories here, because I like to remain innocent looking. XD but I am going to post some of my fluffs. This one is a cutsies Matt and Mello one. If homosexuality bothers you, I suggest not reading it. Read More
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