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The Booksie Classic House

Memoirs of a 1970s secondary school teacher Read More

Tags: humor, school, memoir

Odd things kept happening after I got my first job and since. Warning: a little graphic. Also what do I even classify this as it's not really an article but it's not fiction either but it's not a memoir exactly don't you have to be 70 and ready to bore… Read More
This is a journal with an interpretation of the parables of Jesus Read More
This is a letter written about a failed love affair. Read More
Here is a collection of poems I have written throughout the fourth semester of my studies of the English language. The text was supposed to be a short journal indicating my growth and development as both an English student and an English teacher, but it became something much bigger than… Read More
Also known as, "The Words of My Father to Himself." Here's to you, pop. Read More
This is the book I am writing about my life, an important section I am including with this post. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

It's a Journal Read More
a monologue regarding the essence of life and our inevitable departure from it. Read More
This is a memoir of the day i got my dog. Read More

Tags: memoir, dogs

Inspired by real-life memories from staying in Pahrump, a small town in the state of Nevada for a year of junior high. Read More
There are plenty of short stories in one about what my life was like as a child. Enjoy.. Read More
In the Desert. This short story explains how I feel when I'm down. Enjoy.. Read More
Anecdotes, and other interesting tidbits, about growing up in a small town. Read More
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