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She reminds him not to be scared; scariness is an illness. Read More

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This is the story about an autistic child who became an autistic adult. Memoirs about being different, about abuse, traumatic experiences and hospitalization. A journey to understand who she is and become the person she wants to be. This is my own fragmented story. Short stories and memoirs from my… Read More
Meet Canadian Boy. An above average genius athlete, while he tells you precisely how the universe works. But beware, your world is no one else's. From the junky Canadian writer who literally is the coolest guy ever. God. The Devil. The Everyday People's God. Go on a journey of reality… Read More
Quick thoughts, as a new member, about the timing, just when mobile devices and social media are being widely recognized as negative. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a free-verse narrative poetry book. It somewhat Chronicles the thought process of a early twenties man trying to crawl his way out of depression. It is a melancholic yet inspired view on things such as: love, society, religion, depression, and finding yourself. Read More

Short Story / Memoir

February 24, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

A short memoir about a family's battle with mental illness and one person's fear of inheriting her family's legacy. Read More
This short story is about Lallan a character who is one among many such who come alive from the canvas of my childhood memories and the days when I spent my childhood in a small town which was still untouched by urbanisation and where human relations were still the… Read More
these are the recollections and memories of jessie smith Read More

Book / Memoir

January 04, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

Steve suffers from OCD and since early 2016 he's started writing his diaries. he reveals some secrets that nobody knows about him even his estranged wife. Read More

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The story is a sweet memoir of past event. Read More

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With his own memoirs Captain Kenner takes us on an adventure spanning two world wars and a few scrapes in between Read More
I recently ran across an ex-member of our group...she didn't recognize me right off, but I knew her. Sad part is she recognized me as Chesure Fox, and not by my real name...and refused for me to recognize her by her alias...the irony in itself. Read More
Every dweller is in search of something in the world. Having memory defects and constantly being tormented by a saintly voice, a wounded artist goes on a journey down the memory lane and wishes to find his long-forgotten self once again. Read More
About what can help us cope with stress or loss in our life. Read More
A journal entry I wrote a long time ago but I believe it holds some truth in my own personal philosophy of life, and it entails what I believe in thoroughly. When I go back and read it, it still holds with me as if I inspired my own self. Read More
In the mystical realm of Aelor, the land of eternal night, a new threat from the world of mortals invades and seeks to make the realm its own. The threatening entity is known very much for its thirst for blood and lust for death. An alternate idea of the events… Read More
This is all that is going on in my soul. That's all the knowledge that comes out from me and that's everything i can do for the world. I don't want to be special. I just want to play my game of The Sims real life fair and square, but… Read More
The misadventures of a misfit teenager in her last year of high school, told through letters to her friend, Joy Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A short reflection on the boy I'm in unrequited love with ???? Read More
A poem that reminiscent of childhood Read More
A modern fairy tale of an adventurous life of a 'Bout mouse - the bravest rat of all, is a charming, yet somehow cheeky story full of philosophy and real life lessons for children of all ages, yet suitable read for an adult as well. Read More
Introduction to "Me". The "WOW" factor I have been seeking for years. The beginning of something bigger than I think I will ever be able to imagine. Read More
A sequel to the Memoirs of the Rose; Carnival of the Damned takes place years after the events at Rosencroix, marked by the arrival of an annual circus to the land. Read More

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