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There is a profound sadness and sorrow within me on Memorial Day. For to have known my friends you would have seen the promise and the passion that they had. To have known my friends you would have seen the sparkle in their eyes and the radiance of their hearts. Read More
Memorial Day is our day to honor and mourn our soldiers – ordinary men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice – laying down their lives, mostly without choice or option, other than to walk through distant and silent valleys to certain death, in places far from their humble roots… Read More

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December 20, 2019

I wrote this poem for a Memorial Day reading Read More

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To loved ones who know and feel Memorial Day, it is but a single day of the year, another of many to release the pain of holding onto yesterdays that never reach tomorrow. (Image by pinterest) Read More

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He said soldier You fought the good fight... Read More
He will proudly stand up And salute his flag... Read More
a young man and his family experience the cost of freedom in 1944 and the many years that follow.. Read More
They listened As an old man Spoke of a long ago war Read More
With A Silent Humility He went to war In a far off land That Hero whose blood was Shed On Foreign Sand. Read More
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