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I saw him holding Liz's hand, and they were walking happily. But I have to fulfil my desire... Read More
A slightly modified version of something I had experienced long ago. This is but the narrative of the child that never would raise his hand for anything and always hid himself the best he could from others, more importantly what he, or they, are thinking. Read More
My mental illness may have started 3 years ago, and I may have been in recovery, but I sense that the end of recovery is far away from now. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Fear takes over and becomes in charge of everything including the things use to love to do. Read More
I hope this makes you question and think deeper into the meaning. Read More
Beatrice Tru is a jolly happy mid-aged woman. She questioned her own existence ever since she was a child. In the quest of self-affirmation, this time she decides to live like there's no tomorrow. Read More
Many questions are asked regarding self-harm. Here, I am going to be debunking some myths and helping with do's and don't's of dealing with a self-harmer. Read More
Inspiration came about from a conversation with my psychiatrist. Read More
I like that Olanzapine is working for me, but I also wish it didn't. Read More
Copper finds herself having a breakdown during lunch. What will her best friend Avery think of this? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This poem is set in the Victorian Era with a dark/supernatural twist to it. I use to love playing my clarinet, but my anxiety and depression took that away from me. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Sometimes when my anxiety arises, I contemplate whether to cut or take an anit-anxiety pill and I fight with myself that I am stronger than both. Read More
Sometimes I let the depression take over, wanting to dance along. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Twenty four innocent people dead. A childhood that never was. The girl who is nothing more to the residents of the town than a schizophrenic enigma. The horrific reality of being that soon steals away the happy ignorance she once lived in. And the boy, Oliver, who oversees it all.… Read More
Martha was a rather backwards person and lived much of her life backwards. She walked backwards, wore her clothes backwards. Of course, she didn't do everything backwards, but this story is about the backwards things that she did do and not those that she did not. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Catherine had just got a job as a forensic investigator, but on her first day on the job, she encountered a case which she will never forget. Catherine’s teenage sister, Melanie, was found dead in a swimming pool. Upon further investigation into the case, Catherine discovers many dark secrets about… Read More
This story is about a real love written in an analogy of a young man in a mythological past. Read More
Employment of deductive logic to argue several issues which threaten the right to bear arms for Americans. Read More
A story about a schizophrenic girl (she hears voices/a voice). Warning:Strong Language! Read More
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