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Liam Jacobi lost his wife two years ago. Imagine the look on his face when he finds out she's alive and wanted by the Ivory Hawks, the mercenary company he works for. To make matters worse, he's been sent to kill her. Liam's loyalty to his cause and to… Read More

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July 08, 2018

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The Fantasy Realm House

Kormak, Captain of the Hafnian Guard, is facing an imminent threat from the neighboring superpower, the Empire. He must make the right choices to save his men and the people of Hafnia. Dei's peaceful live in the steppes to the East gets taken from him abruptly. The… Read More
Three students from all walks of life are invited to attend the mercenary academy. An elite group of students who hone their skills to protect people despite their financial status and dismissing the financial plates that separate a once united people. Although there is hate towards the academy for… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

22-year-old, newly graduated scientist, Cara Young, joins her uncle's research team to investigate strange animal behavior in the Sonoran desert. But when the US government places a restriction on the team researching in the area, Cara enlists the help of mysterious stranger Ethan Black, to go undercover in the… Read More
207X - David Lament, a notorious gun for hire, sets off to find more business as he goes global. There he finds himself in Tokyo, Japan. He never knew being an assassin in a famous business city would be a hit. But, a noticeable company begins to take notice… Read More
Vincent Kane was a mercenary on earth, but now he's been sent to hell and is back to his old tricks! will he be able to go back to earth and live a normal life again, or will he have a greater purpose in hell? Read More
WW3 has just ended and new opportunities present themselves, Ireland is being torn apart by a revolution and Vulcan McBride plans to take full advantage of that. Read More
Loyalty to family, duty, and birthright are tested when five infamous criminals combine forces to obtain the power of five powerful Deities who one ruled their kingdoms. Read More
Follow the story of Black Sun , Hominum's most ferocious soldier . Looks can be deceiving, even in the military ... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Two years after the death of Rogelio, Yoshiro, driven by revenge, had formed the Raptor Mercenary Group. Nine years later, they finally get hired to fight against Aiko and her military forces. Among the Raptors is a young half-Human, half-Neko pilot named Claire Prideaux, who had never seen real combat… Read More
meet a child who had been cast out of her family and had given up on life. what she didn't know was that she would be recruited into a new family. this new family would train her to be a mercenary. but will she fit in or be cast out… Read More

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Life in the Inner Sphere isn't easy, but for a Mercenary, the possibilities are endless. Read More
Jaylend (aka Casper), a mercenary, completes a mission that causes him too much thought. Now, after obtaining the reward money, he buys regular groceries to feed his sister and him. Only, he comes home after a strange experience at the store to find his worst fear, EVER. Read More
‘Humanity has always believed in a higher power, humans can never shake the idea that immortal beings of mass power created them and control their destiny’ The year is 2024… Crime in the city of Atlantis is at an all-time high, hundreds of crimes are committed every day and only… Read More
‘Humanity has always believed in a higher power, humans can never shake the idea that immortal beings of mass power created them and control their destiny’ The year is 2024… Crime in the city of Atlantis is at an all-time high, hundreds of crimes are committed every day and only… Read More
We all want to help the people that are troubled mentally and emotionally. Yet, there is a tremendous disappointment when we realize the bottom line is that it's useless. I've come to appreciate myself when I can gather enough courage to walk away from repetitious disasters of an individual. This… Read More

Short Story / Fantasy

September 05, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

An assassin with powers against a strange pen that decides your fate... You will never like to touch the pen... especially the PEN OF DOOM. Read More
‘The Gurkhas’ is a history of the finest infantrymen in the world who come from a country where ‘It is better to die than to be a coward,’ and where most bear the name Bahadur, which means ‘courageous,’ and who carry out their mission with the help of the deadly,… Read More
Follow the adventures of the ragtag crew of the EC171 Marauder in a very dangerous and dark galaxy. Danger lurks around every corner. Vol 1 begins with the introductions to the characters and world... Enjoy... Read More
There is a city, a dark dark city, full of sins and tragedy that houses the most twisted and corrupt people. This place is known as "Hellhole" Palms City, a place were the innocent are tainted and were the devil is praised. Chelle is a contracted mercenary trained to obey… Read More
A Bandit Queen kidnaps a young nobleman, intent on ransoming him to fund her own journey for the mythical Eye of Time artefact. However, she does not count on her captive's resilience, nor on the group of sellswords his Father's employs to have his son returned safely. Soon, an unlikely… Read More
A group of friends with mismatched superpowers go on a rescue mission to save their friend. But the further they go the more they begin to question who is friend? And who is foe? Read More
They had one last mission before they walked out. One last trip to hell before resting in paradise. "The Mercenaries", the name of a task force made out of the world's best soldiers, defending the Free World's interests. But this time, their mission is not as simple. Their job: To… Read More
It is X century, east-south of Europe. Rus warriors are attacking Byzantium, but not only these two nations take part in the war... Read More
Booksie was giving me grief so I am uploading this story in parts. Read More
The International Spy Ring is an organize company of mercenaries who pride themselves in their missions. They are contracted in this caper to fee a journalist spy held captive in Syria in one of the most impenetrable prisons. The big man called Fist crashes a conference meeting and later offers… Read More
Ahuri Bashlure, a former mercenary sergeant is now a fugitive - wanted by a covert agency known as the Represnative Sphere. On the run from planetary assassins, Ahuri ends up on a distant planet with no rescue in sight - instead he has a chance meeting with a Mecha Breaker… Read More
Circa Pendragon has always lived in the shadow of his father, Xerxes Pendragon, the great warrior of Pencet. Wanting to prove himself to his father, and everyone else, Circa sets out on an adventure. Little does he know, a great evil has been set free upon Pencet , its name:… Read More
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