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This a Well-researched paper aptly handling and unifying the contrast in human learning and the desires of pursuing education. Written by one of the finest voice in Creative Artistry, Meshach Terfa, the paper was presented at the Conference held at the Polytechnic auditorium, Fidei Polytechnic Gboko, Abuja Campus Read More
Some people are kind and amazing so much so that you realise there is nothing compared to the joy of knowing them as a blessing. Erdoo Rose Akighir is one of such people. i thank you so much for the Bible Verses you recommended and encouraged me to read.… Read More
Poetic Dexterity by a Poet of Poets: Meshach Terfa Read More
In a dying world where the souls of many are black and filled with horrors, there are rare and few who still care far more than we can imagine. Rose Erdoo Akighir, you have been more than a fried to me than i ever am to you. Thanks so… Read More
This covers extraordinary acclaims and comments on the Author and the book The Intellectual saviour by Meshach Terfa Read More
This is Foreword on The Intellectual saviour. one of the Finest collections of The Quintessential Erudite award-winning Author and critic Meshach terfa Read More
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