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January 27, 2018

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In the future, a son inherits a city from his father. This is his first year running it. Read More
An alien warrior on a far off planet experiences an alien abduction. Read More
Twenty Two Fifty Eight, is a series of short stories set two hundred and fourty four years in the future revolving around numerous people. It's a Cyberpunk esque world, that I openly admit is highly influence by Philip K Dicks work(But to be fair what Cyberpunk works arent.) The stories… Read More
This work is a written out story of the plot of Dream Theater's music album, "Metropolis pt. II: Scenes from a Memory." Read More
I saw other people had these to enhance their stories and I thought it was such a wonderful idea! And I've always had people in mind for my characters in this story so I thought why the heck not! Enjoy! Read More
ABSTRACT Four Ibadan stream were sampled during the months of May and June 2009. Eight sampling points were selected on each river. Two down stream, four upstream, one at effluent point and one at the point of discharge. Surface water sampled for the river were collected (Ona, OSun, Eleyerele and… Read More

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