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Tomas's life seems perfect. He has loving parents and grandparents; he lives in a nice house; and he has a special race car set that was a gift from his abuelo's best friend, Señor García.One day Tomas's mama tells him they will be moving but his papa will not be… Read More
This is a joint publication of Berkeley and Floricanto Presses. ”Migrant Earth” very eloquently documents the travels and travails of a family of Mexican migrant workers as they wander the Western United States in the nineteen forties and fifties. These are poignant tales that paint the life and death struggle… Read More
Observing a mysterious white culture while living on the ragged edge of poverty in an unaccepted Mexican subculture of America was acutely troubling to a child simply looking for safety, acceptance and a place to belong. These poems are of the brutal struggles of hard work in dangerous times. These… Read More
Growing up Mexican-American is way harder then you think there is a lot that goes into being both races. Growing up Mexican-American is very different from just growing up only one race. Growing up as a teenager i went through things teenagers go through. It was hard but i found… Read More

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We as american's need to change our actions fast. Because what we are doing right now is not okay. killing people because they are different is not okay. We need to help the people in need because there are starving children & people in the world that need our help.… Read More

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