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When Jack hunter is recruited by mi6 he soon finds himself in grave danger Read More

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The following are excerpts from the controversial memoirs of Conrad Makepeace, out soon. Certainly one of the most notorious intelligence officers MI6 operated under ‘deep cover’ between 1995 and 2006, Makepeace - codenamed Patsy - emerges as both a man of blind conviction and someone in possession of a significant… Read More
My story, expected to be in around 5 parts. Read More
"Kaspar Kane is an ordinary agent with an extraordinary safeguard." A spy employed under CSIS, the Canadian Secret Service, is "mission complete". He has acquired Delta Status and is given his latest assignment. Drugs, smuggling, alcohol, guns, twists and science all in one book. An espionage-comedy that will not disappoint!… Read More
Spring, 1944, A German spy escapes from France, bemused on how a young boy managed to disarm and almost kill him with military-grade skills. What he realised will found the most effective form of evil the world will ever know. Present Day Angelika Novice had been a spy for her… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Death, Despair, lust, loyalty and betrayal. This story follows our protagonist Captain Percy Hawthorne, of the 21st Scottish Ranger Battalion during the Napoleonic wars, unexpected events lead him to deep cover operations within Italy and France, under an organization like a 18th century MI6. Napoleon rages over Europe, while loyalties… Read More
About One Direction, my friends,Mum from MI6, an extremely hot werewolf, and Count Dracula. Read More
As war between America and the New Soviet Union(Russia)becomes ever more realistic MI6 has to act to prevent a global nuclear war. However, can they contend with the terrorist cell trying to start the war. Read More
Lucas Grant, MI6 deputy chief inspector, is called to Corfu to investigate the apparently accidental death of a counterintelligence agent who had been infiltrating a covert group of KGB insurgents in Albania. Landing on the unfamiliar island, Grant enlists the help of the local field agent - the dead man's… Read More
Peter Craig's first lessons in espionage begin in Rome, where he is seconded by S.3 - the Special Security Service - with orders to investigate leaks from the British embassy to the KGB, one of which has already resulted in the assassination of an MI6 agent. Using his cover as… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Becoming a volunteer in the Maldives was the last thing Richard Casey would ever do. One decision would cost Richard his identity and life as he knew it. A new man with new allegiances would have to fight to keep the only part of Richard's life that remained - an… Read More
Who did kill Lady Diana? The official verdict on her death is complete bunkum! Read More
The true story of the Cambridge spies, how they worked as a team, and how great friendships led to ultimate betrayal. Read More
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