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An insecure teenager invites a girl out fishing on his father's boat, and makes some costly mistakes along the way. Read More
An alcoholic father, busy parents, and now moving to a new city: Follow the misadventures of Kate Dawson and her friends as they explore the ups and downs of Miami Life. Rated T for alcohol, tragedy, violence, and language. Prequel to Miami: The City of Second Chances. Read More
When Ethan confidence is destroyed by his unfaithful girlfriend, he and his best friend Logan heads to North Beach Miami. Here, Ethan meets a girl who opens up his eyes and teach him him how to live again. Read More
Ready to take a twist into bold colors? Follow these tips and tricks for decorating with bold colors and your rooms will look stylish, vibrant, and unique. Go ahead do impact your home decor with colorful artwork using as a background a neutral home decor. Read More
16-year-old Megan Brooke falls into substance abuse after her mom's death and moves to Miami for a clean slate. Now, she must outrun a drug dealer she owes money and confront her inner demons. Read More

Essay / Romance

February 14, 2017

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An essay about childhood in South Florida's Cuban-American community, and the growing pains of independent thought. Read More

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Moses Mendoza navigates the city of Miami in the shade of his father's growing political spotlight. Read More

Book / Young Adult

September 03, 2015

Lorena is a 21 year old college student who loves to party and loves her freedom. Parents are a drag right? She's experiencing all kinds of things and loving them. Men, drugs, alcohol, and control. Who doesn't want control? Follow Lorena and her best friend Samarra into a downward spiral… Read More

Book / Romance

November 11, 2013

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Charlotte or as they call her Charlie, lives in Miami Florida and has a lifelong dream of living in New York and getting famous with her singing and playing the guitar, She is amazing but she hasn't been noticed.. But what about when her Daddy's side of the family invites… Read More
When madison clark moving to miami, she thought her life would'nt be so complicated like now. falling in love with her brother friend name kailan kelk is a serious problem. she find out hes dating allison black and allison? shes the mean girl and captain of the cheerious team in… Read More
A short story about a girl that goes on a family trip to Miami, but it ALL goes wrong. Read More
Brooke is your typical 16 year old London girl. But when Brooke finds out she has to move to Miami, Florida because of her Dad's job, she is not happy, especially when she has to start school there too. Meet Nick who's 16, the bad boy of the school, the… Read More
Mystery Dark is a 10 year old dancing at Stars Dance Studio in Miami. She gets on the dancing team to travel and compete, but soon finds herself not focused due to an overwhelming feeling she never felt before. Love. Read More
Based on my 1st novel of this... which i posted on FB i am makeing a better seqaul Read More

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This is for Marriah justines romantical picture contest. Enjoy! Read More
“Juggernaut was taking a stroll on Collins Avenue in North Miami Beach; the Sun was slowly setting and the breeze was cold, it can get cold in Miami in January, thought Juggernaut, then suddenly he heard a voice shouting his name “Hey Juggernaut, is it you,” Juggernaut looked back to… Read More

Book / Romance

June 20, 2011

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What happen's when two ex's who where once best friends, that hate eachother get stuck in a room together for 2 weeks? Hell no one really knows. Rose and Danny where best friends, once upon a time. But a mistake changed everything. Since then none of them where the same.… Read More
Comparison and contrast essay comparing different aspects of two cities in Florida: Miami and Melbourne. Read More

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Devon Kelly just knows this summer will be the best yet. Going to Miami to be with her favorite cousin Lisa and her family, and spend time with them all in thier beach house. She always loved going as a kid, so why should now be any different? That is… Read More
I really love Lolita's spirit in not giving up on her life just because she's imprisoned in the worst place you could possibly be. Read More

Book / Romance

June 07, 2010

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Sierra Johnson just moved. In the middle of her sophomore year. She isn't the biggest fan of her parents at the moment, to say the least. Especially when she's moved practically across the country from Montana to Miami Florida. The first day starts off horribly, all thanks to one Doug… Read More
this is just the first chapter, i would like to know if i should go on with it, or forget it and move on to a new story. Read More
I'm thinking Hollywood would shit to do a story on Abraham Lee Shakepeare, who won a 17millon dollar jackpot, and than went mysteriously missing while his money continued to get spent,only to turn he gets murdered. and the list of suspects grows until the conclusion is bombshock in final outcome.… Read More
im moving to miami next week so and i've never been thier be for so i am exside but please correct me if im rong but this is what i think miami looks like Read More

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