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Here's a FREE sample of an upcoming collection of frameable art prints called "Love and Lagniappe (Selected Passages)", soon to be published at Amazon. Each page contains selected lines from poems found in my Collateral Damage Report collection. Read More
Based on a number of true stories from my teen years in Stow, Ohio. Read More
The Urim and Thummin were used to divine the future during ancient Hebrew rituals. Read More
This is structured almost like a sonnet. I did say ALMOST. Read More
Small town laundromat, big world hopes and fears. Read More
Expect mighty things from mighty Norwegians. Read More
Yes, it's exactly what you think. Read More
The Midwest of the 60s and 70s: Where mystery "loaf" meats had a fighting chance to survive. Read More
Life was cheap in the Midwest, starting with elementary school. Read More
Although I grew up in Ohio, my parents were both from a small mining town just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I spent many summers visiting all of my relatives there. I found a photo of the main street in Kittanning taken in 1963, the year my parents were married.… Read More
I was watching a daytime talk show, and the host brought out several women who were all survivors of domestic violence. He sent them backstage with a team of beauty experts for a "surprise makeover". Read More
Based on a true story involving a recovering alcoholic from a prominent family in his hometown in Alabama. He was stabbed to death after an argument over a bottle. Read More
Sometimes the geographical cure is the only cure you've got. Read More
This is a love poem, written in the style of an Old Testament psalm (in a sense). Read More
A poem I wrote after learning about the School of the Americas, a training camp for would-be Central American dictators operated by our own government in Georgia. WARNING: Contains adult language Read More
This started out as an homage to TS Eliot, but somehow morphed into a piece about the atomic bomb and its effects on the Japanese people in WWII. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Based on the true story of 4 young black girls killed in a bombing at their church in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This piece was inspired by childhood fishing trips with an elderly man from my church. My friend really did bend a trout in half. Read More
In memory of my late father-in-law, William Francis Kitchens. Read More
This is a nostalgic piece I wrote after watching a documentary on Vincent Van Gogh. Many of my childhood memories are woven into the poem. Read More
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