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One raised through a world of religious experiences how God is truly used from one follower to another. Read More
I've been working on my first ever novel and would like some feedback if anybody could have a read of this first chapter? It's going to be about a few young men who get conscripted into their king's armies, and all the troubles they face and people they meet. I'm… Read More
This is the first chapter of my first attempt at an epic fantasy novel. The novel itself is subject to change but for now is called 'A Call to War' . I have never written anything before so please be kind. The first chapter is about a young man named… Read More

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September 16, 2018

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In an era where war is the norm, peace is only the preparation to war. A warrior rises, his armour his crown. Read More
‘Anchoritism- Is the term ‘living death’ an accurate description of the life of an anchorite/ess? Why/why not?’ (This is an essay I wrote for university a couple of years ago) Read More
Introduction The one who tells the story of French heroine is a knight named Loyalty. Now Jeanne d’Arc crosses the time, become alive with the reinterpreted tale of her.I publish my writings in which I gave importance to the emotions. These emotions are not ephemeral. When you… Read More
From my humanities work for school. It's about diary entries of a falconer during the middle ages. Read More
This is a very short prologue from a book I started writing 3 years ago when I was 19, set in a universe created by me and my friend. I would like to start writing again, so I will post this to get some reviews in order to see if… Read More
Born into nobility in Medieval England, Baron William de Mort grew up wanting nor needing anything. Nothing that is, but true love. However, as was custom in the Norman ruling classes, marriage was not dictated by love but was used to gain power, land and wealth. But William was a… Read More

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Life of a man who is trying to become an alchemist. Read More
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