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Norway, 993 AD. Helgi and Lars are sharing their experiences from the Midsummer celebration the night before. In the process, they discover something about themselves and their friendship... ________________________________________________________ Helgi Dagsson and Lars Brandsson are characters in my novel "Sons of Disobedience", which takes place about 5 years after this… Read More
10th century Valahia (Romania). Codrin is member of a secret cult called "Calusari" who are preparing for a protection ritual they must perform during the Pentecost celebration. But the villagers are concerned about the Boyar's guest, a young prince from Transylvania, and his relationship with the Boyar's daughter, Savina. ____________________________________________________… Read More
When Aki Kazou travels back to the past no one thinks anything is going to go wrong. But when she sends a very important boat and its crew forward to the future, every possible thing goes wrong. People dissapear, the world starts to collapse and one question must be asked:… Read More
Set in Medieval Ages. A young woman accompanies a group of travelers through her homeland. At the end of their journey, one deems her skill set useful and kidnaps her back to his homeland rather than part with her. Probably not very historically accurate. Kind of a fanfiction of Ranger's… Read More

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Highborn and wilderfolk. One man wasn't what he seemed. From lowborn birth he rose to a higher power, proved himself on the battlefield and gained the esteem of those who bought him. Will he be victorious in love and war? Read More

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October 07, 2013

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This is a story I did for my English class of a female living in the Middle Ages. She's in love with the Prince but he doesn't even notice her. Instead, the King takes interest in her. Find out what happens next. *Mini News* ~ As I mentioned, this story… Read More

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A gruesome short story I submitted for a competition. Read More
1066AD. Durwin Taeppere is an innkeeper who lives in Kent, along the Watling Street that links Dover at the coast to London, and things are looking dangerous: William the Conqueror has mustered an army just across the channel, and Harold Godwinson has taken England’s north to fight the Vikings, leaving… Read More
This is the story of how, once upon a time in the middle ages, the peasantry of a town somewhere in fantasy-land decided that the old-fashioned type of peasant revolt wasn't good enough. They took matters into their own hands and created the very first housing bubble . . . Read More
The story of Janey follows a seamstress's niece whose land is invaded by a rival kingdom. She and others are put on a ship headed to a village harnessed to no kingdom and ruled by no lord. Whilst on the ship, she finds herself falling in love with two men… Read More
Heidi is the princess of an entire kingdom by the name of Tine. She hates her suitors and wishes to fall in love. It is just that her father's prized Court Jestor has fallen in love with her. She shall face a delima not best to ignore. Read More

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The two countries of one continent are in war. The one fights for survival, the other for a chance to survive. When the East Empire only sees one way to exist, it is at the expense of its neighbour, the West Kingdom. That decisive battle has been carrying on for… Read More

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Romantic novel between two gay characters, set in the middle ages. A prince has to leave his parents' palace when they are murdered. A nobleman, who is a friend of the family, takes him in and protects and looks after him. But how will he get back to the palace,… Read More
Perpetua always thought Tygrys Bialy, Empress of the North, was nothing but a myth and legend to scare children. However, when the intelligent tigress threatens to wage a war on the human race, Perpetua is dragged into a dangerous journey to stop the magical queen. But who can stop a… Read More
Fifteenth century England is the last place anyone would expect to encounter beings from the very depths of Greek myth and legend. Yet, when Gwen is attacked by a creature that hasn’t roamed the Earth for nigh on two millennia, she learns that the Old World is beginning to stir.… Read More
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