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December 11, 2017

The world of Terrene is a vast mysterious land. Creatures of all shapes and sizes lived or died alongside of humans. Rangers roam the lands and protect the citizens of the world from the shadows. Jerune is a highborn second son to the lord of the land, but is… Read More
[3 of 25 Chapters]: Journey through this fantasy book through the eyes of Mow, A well-rounded knight who may replace his master "Solace" as Master over Combat. But to do so, he must show the council he is worthy of the position. Strange things are going on, not only in… Read More
A knight rides to kill the king of his realm, and save his beloved wife. In a fight against the odds, Bayard and his men ride undaunted for Warcester castle. Read More
Aleida was young when it happened,the disaster that changed her life, but she was never able to get over it. Never able to move on. Now, she's stuck with one fate that she can't escape. Read More

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Utstrakt is mourning over the loss of the lands King, and preparing themselves for the future in the hands of the dead Kings son, who is too young to rule fitly. But secretly, a scorned family prepares to strike during the strife of the realm, seizing the moment to return… Read More

Short Story / Young Adult

November 23, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

I have now done two chapters of this story, and i'm not sure If I want to bring in werewolves, but i'm thinking of making Mary have to kill a werewolf. Tell me wat you think please, thanks Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Lost in a time two souls collide, unable to remain together in life. One struggles to find and keep the other from when they first were together when japan was torn by wars, to cascading deserts of egypt, the dark ages of europe, the grueling life of the new colonies… Read More
The history of Espasia, and the tale begins... Authors note you may recognize this to be a close facsimile to what you learned in your world history classroom, I would not set my thesis to it though. : ) Enjoy Read More
Anarei- a young vampire teenager- is thrust into leadership of her clan when her adoptive father is mysteriously murdered. When Anarei finds a clue though, she realizes she must take a journey to find her father's murderer... and possibly herself. Read More
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