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Gabriel Freeman, a US military special operative working on a mission, goes through a devastating failure and ends up in a cell. He plans to escape and take vengeance on the man that caused him to wind up there. Read More
Another in the Australiana series - though probably not as obviously so as others. A tale about sowing the seeds of doubt in a young child Read More
A grisly war veteran struggles with his inner demons while considering his unlikely conversion as a peace activist. Read More

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"I was hooked throughout the story! Your story portrayed facing trauma very well, and the world-building was excellent! Such a scary time for Dar..." Read More

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Reality, as it turned out, was far more boring that she had imagined, but in some instances she was proven wrong. And just how far would he go to keep her safe? Read More
A terran anthropologist muses about the development and structure of different alien civilizations as he watches the events of a less advanced species in a critical moment of their history. Read More
one night in the life of a soldier at the border. the mixed feelings of love for country and family when one ws loosing all his hopes. Read More
Two Air Force people meet at a USO Lounge. They are speaking English. But what the hell are they saying? --- Translation added. Read More

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Lieutenant Sawyer is asked to test a weapon and finds an ally against the demons that have invaded her world. Read More
Poem I wrote a long time ago about a soldier's life. Read More

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Avaline opens a world of hidden secrets when she inadvertently stumbles upon a mystery while researching for her latest novel. Unprepared for what faces her, Avaline's research leaves more questions than answers. There is nowhere to run in the eye of the storm. Read More
Will a demonic force succeed in destroying mankind with a lethal pestilence or can an ex-marine rise up and overcome his addiction to save humanity? Read More
The sole child of the Kazashi family. Rin has recently become a newly recruited Hunter and with it all of the responsibilities therein of being one. What lies in her future? Follow Rin as she learns more about the world and the very organization that she works for. Read More
[Historical Fiction] Back in 1969, a local teenage male of Norfolk, Virginia free-wrote on his experiences in life while he was currently serving his time in the Unites States Army as an infantryman in Vietnam, during the civil war between the North and South of the divided Vietnamese country. Read More
Most of the population has vanished mysteriously and you need to survive in a school full of people trying to kill you. Survival of the fittest is the only thing you will come to know. Factions plotting against each other, betrayal, loyalty and death. Read More
(Will be added to later) Series: Wilhelm Subtitle: Crimson Dawn On December 25, 2869, the Crimson Consortium was caught completely unaware as tens of thousands of warships exited hyperspace around them and devastated their capital world's home defense fleet. With their early-warning systems tampered with, they had no way of… Read More
Desperation is the father of invention. In CERES 2525 you fly along on the Sci-fi Action Adventures of Ceres Tauri, 25, superstar of the zero-gravity league. He desperately searches for his mother, long held captive among the Galactic's 500 colony worlds. When he too is kidnapped by the pirate fleet,… Read More
In a scramble for power, who will dominate all? Read More

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AI autonomous soldiers: land drones. How hard could it be? Photo by Reinaldo Kevin on Unsplash. (5,800 words, 8 chapters). Read More

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"Some great tension building and descriptive text from the night vision footage. a really tight piece of writing, leaving me wanting more of thi..." Read More

The release of Rangda threatens the future of humanity. But, what if, we could turn back time? The Divine Finalisation is the final book in The Divine Zetan Trilogy. It takes place straight after the events of The Divine Sedition. Hilda Muller witnesses Keila massacring the Terran Council leaders, when… Read More

Short Story / Horror

January 10, 2020

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Remember the golden rule... Read More
Cyrus Jarret is tasked with assisting his brother to govern a new island acquired by his kingdom. He swore an oath to do whatever it took to pacify the land before his queen and his god. However, as he meets and familiarizes himself with the natives, he discovers he is… Read More
The sun was hot. Burning. His house was old. Really old. Ammon was the heir of an old family. His stone house was almost a Mansion. He grew wine here. He had all except abundant wealth and production. Ammon was well off, he didn’t need to worry about water, food,… Read More
A super soldier battles assassins, terrorists, mutants—and life as a high schooler. Read More

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Horace Thunder is a man with a big heart. He has seen many things in his life that he’d like to forget, but his family has always been his most priceless jewel. He will do anything and everything in his power to make sure they are loved and live a… Read More
Jack and Danielle, two young soldiers-in-training are the best of the best in the special phasing ability of their hidden society. After their entire recon unit is killed in an ambush, they must put their training and their special abilities to the ultimate test. They must confront Earth's General Jarcus… Read More
It's a story about a girl who want to be a member of a special military division Read More

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No, this is not based on a true event from my life. My boyfriend served in the military, as well as nearly my entire family. Ive never had to experience the loss of someone due to military action, but ive heard enough stories, and decided to put the feeling into… Read More
Just cause you're born into something, doesn't mean you have to follow that path and no one knows that better than the twins, Hyperion and Seraphina. As a Warrior, the desire for blood and battle should course through his veins, but after his time on the front lines, battle is… Read More

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