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This is a preview of the first 3 chapters of the Scion Conflict book. It is a work in progress, but once finished it will be self-published and available on the internet. Read More
On August 8th of the year 2267, the Scion Conflict will change permanently, as it reaches a new level of escalation. Read More
General Alfred Leigh Wellfordshire had collapsed. The 73-year-old, despite his excellent health, had finally succumbed to his age. Management and administration are in disarray. When Olivia Moss becomes the new X - Force manager, protest rings out around her, and she's less than confident. But when she's thrown in together… Read More
flux was a calm town of quiet workers. my family runs a small market while my father is a police officer. the town goes from calm to chaotic in one year. tr and fuso created havoc in the town he used to know. the constant turf war of the tr… Read More

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November 02, 2021

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The Veterans House

When Alex Green gets involved in something, he does it big style. So when he gets involved in trying to save the African rhino from extinction, he does it with his whole heart, both feet, full commitment. Fighting the poachers isn't too big a problem for him, but taking on… Read More

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The Veterans House

Brexit was never going to be easy on the island of Ireland, half of it being British, the other European. Despite all attempts to stop it, a hard border had to be the eventual outcome. This didn't sit well with many. A new wave of violence sweeps the land, a… Read More

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The Veterans House

With COVID 19 running out of control, the landscape of the world has changed drastically, nations that used to be friends no longer able to communicate with one another. Somehow two old foes - Russia and the UK - stay in touch, and decide to send a small taskforce to… Read More

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The Veterans House

Alex Green soon discovers that offshore diamond mining in Namibia is a dangerous enough process without people also trying to kill you. Called in to try and halt a scam in the company Nam Rocks in Lüderitz, Alex soon makes himself an enemy or two, but tries to keep his… Read More
Ben Noon had a terribly bad day in Helmand Province. An IED changed his life. A story of a British soldier and his fall from grace, losing his family and friends, then his massive battle to put his life back together, to become better than before. A book vets will… Read More
Law and order are slipping away, the country becoming more unstable, the youth taking over the political scene, their concerns for themselves and not the nation. It is a country headed for anarchy, and the President is left with no choice but to flee, to form a government-in-exile in the… Read More
Pirates in the Gulf of Aden had been a problem long before the capture of the Maersk Alabama and the movie that followed it. To help control the problem, the UK decided to place a covert SAS man down in the Port of Berbera in Somaliland, one of the safer… Read More
A small group of British soldiers and civilians make a covert entry through the border of Lebanon into Syria, their target to take out the country's leader and try and end a long and bitter war. They find a country ruled by fear, the people lacking even the basics to… Read More
A book that takes us through the history of the State of Israel through the eyes of an Israeli Air Force pilot and a Palestinian freedom fighter. Their paths are very different, their beliefs even more so, but things will force the two of them together to save both of… Read More
When the law fails to punish a killer in the northern city of Darwin, the local police chief recruits three normal men who decide to take that same law into their own hands. After a chase that takes place in both Darwin and Sydney, the killer decides that it is… Read More
Brexit is over, and now we again have a hard border splitting the island of Ireland. It's not what people want, and it's dragging the country back into the past, to a new version of The Troubles. Alex Green is sent to try and identify the new terrorist group that… Read More
Alex finds himself involved in saving the African rhino from extinction. It's not only poachers that are the problem though - it's the whole supply chain, and the people behind it... Read More
Alex is summoned to assist in a diamond scam going on in Lüderitz, Namibia. There he finds that the offshore diamond world is not only about taking precious stones from the seabed, but also about fighting for both his and his family's lives. Read More
A soldier's life is ruined in Helmand Province when an IED explodes, killing a new officer, and drastically injuring him. This is a story of a man's life breaking down, then the rebuild and success that follows. A story about the problems in Afghanistan today, and a possible way to… Read More
A fast paced military thriller. "It's time that we tried to work together," the Russian President told his UK counterpart through the handset. Strange times made for strange bedpartners the Prime Minister decided silently. "Yes," he finally agreed, wondering where this would lead. Alex Green is tasked to lead a… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Aliens are attacking the scientists on Mars who are doing research. I was selected by the Military General to eliminate these aliens. Read More
Military journalists are just that. They are service men and women working for the military, and assigned to put the military’s best face forward. That was our job at the Public Information Office (“PIO”). I was one of those military journalists, working in a war zone – Vietnam. Unlike the… Read More
Three US Army soldiers enter a cave near the Tora Bora mountains in Afghanistan on a search and destroy mission. Shortly into the mission one of the soldiers, Mike Harris, is shot by an al-Qaeda gunman. Badly wounded, Harris embarks on a bizarre journey into 'fairy land'. Read More
At the end of August, I was writing this memoir and realized that it had been thirty-one years since I experienced the events that I was writing about, and that many of the events, and the time line on which they happened, were very foggy. What I did write was… Read More

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September 03, 2021

this is a draft book Read More

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He is working with the General. What has occupied his mind is what the General is up to? Whatever is going to happen? Read More
Set in the year 2136, the Earth has been united under a common government (the United Nations of Planets) and has spread out all across the Solar System. Recovering from a civil war just ten years prior, WarGames tells about the events of the UNP's second uprising and follows both… Read More

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Another "Bobby" story, I hope you enjoy it. Let me know in your comments. Read More
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