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I wrote this for my new story, Bubble Island, which I'll release it in December on Mangahack and Pixiv. I hope you like it and feel free to share it and spread the words but please credit me :) Read More
Unearthed by a rogue missile strike and discovered by a crew of marines performing roadwork, a strange vessel comes with an ominous warning. When the vessel hatches, it unleashes an ancient war machine the likes of which the modern world has never seen. Read More
We were all raised to be someone's tool. Daith was raised to be a special one. A sharp blade. Paris, year 2278. In the megalopolis that arose after the religion wars, a young cadet follows a trail of blood and kidnappings until he captures Deena, an illegal fleeing Humanity to… Read More
Recently uncovered documents spawn a series of questions. Read More
This is not a test of your knowledge, but rather the chance to give some recognition to the most overlooked branch of the military. Read More
Wounded warrior wife, Marissa Westin, has already served in the trenches of military life, resulting in her husband being severely injured in Iraq. Now their son is grown and planning an Army career of his own, leaving Marissa heartbroken and resentful. Annie Coraggio was the wife of a WW2 Veteran… Read More
It's finally time for the annual Master Sergeant Release Party! Read More

Book / Romance

August 22, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

Hunter Jameson, an ex-marine and the newest recruit in Chicago’s Fire Department House 28, has never had a problem scoring with women. Even as a star athlete in high school, he had a harem of girls throwing themselves at him. However, the only one he’s ever wanted to sette down… Read More
Racial Ideas from a liberal zealot? You decide. Read More
When fate takes a dump on your life, do you ever wonder about the source or cause? Job's trials were levied upon him by a deity, The fellow herein asked for his and got them, in spades, from a fellow human being. Names are fictional, as are the acts attributed… Read More
A short story to remember my time in the Falkland Islands, a conflict between Argentina and Great Britain that ended 40 years ago. It's a series of memories of incidents that I lived through. Read More
"Changing Skies" is about a family of two young boys waiting for an MIA father to come home. Their mother is their primary caretaker and their ages, 12 and 5, are young and impressionable without understanding about the situation. Read More
A dark fantasy short story featuring a commander in The Simachian Empire. He makes demands of his god. Instead, he receives new orders. Orders that could change everything. Read More
First Minister of the Terran Federation is dealing with the logistics of a war that is rapidly escalating. With communication towards the enemy conducted through basic math and visuals, they have to both try to interpret context and meaning while trying to respond appropriately. The larger conflict is paralleled with… Read More
A low ranking solder is on the front lines of a war humanity has recently been thrust into. Joining the military to fight for the safety of the Terran Federation they quickly start to question why they are there and what the motivations of the unknown enemy might actually be. Read More
A fast paced action novel in the Gerald Seymour vein. Read More

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The The Imaginarium House

'the coming storm' from a prompt by hullabaloo22 'imaginarium house' Read More
This is where I will be posting rough draft excerpts and worldbuilding info for the latest version of my story, Hysen. Version 1.0 will still be available to read, but if you are looking for the new version, you've come to the right place. Enjoy! Read More

Tags: military, scifi, hysen

Book / Mystery and Crime

February 14, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

Mace woke up to the sun coming through the blinds. The events of last night played over in her mind as she sat in bed and looked over at the door. She knew almost nothing about the man on her couch but she let him stay there. He triggered two… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Lieutenant Sawyer is asked to test a weapon and finds an ally against the demons that have invaded her world. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

After a young woman's father is killed by Confederate raiders, she faces a hard choice between honoring her father's legacy and seeking revenge. Read More

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The Fantasy Realm House

The sole child of the Kazashi family. Rin has recently become a newly recruited Hunter and with it all of the responsibilities therein of being one. What lies in her future? Follow Rin as she learns more about the world and the very organization that she works for. Read More
This is a preview of the first 3 chapters of the Scion Conflict book. It is a work in progress, but once finished it will be self-published and available on the internet. Read More
On August 8th of the year 2267, the Scion Conflict will change permanently, as it reaches a new level of escalation. Read More

Book / Romance

November 09, 2021

General Alfred Leigh Wellfordshire had collapsed. The 73-year-old, despite his excellent health, had finally succumbed to his age. Management and administration are in disarray. When Olivia Moss becomes the new X - Force manager, protest rings out around her, and she's less than confident. But when she's thrown in together… Read More
flux was a calm town of quiet workers. my family runs a small market while my father is a police officer. the town goes from calm to chaotic in one year. tr and fuso created havoc in the town he used to know. the constant turf war of the tr… Read More

Book / Action and Adventure

November 02, 2021

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The Veterans House

When Alex Green gets involved in something, he does it big style. So when he gets involved in trying to save the African rhino from extinction, he does it with his whole heart, both feet, full commitment. Fighting the poachers isn't too big a problem for him, but taking on… Read More

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The Veterans House

Brexit was never going to be easy on the island of Ireland, half of it being British, the other European. Despite all attempts to stop it, a hard border had to be the eventual outcome. This didn't sit well with many. A new wave of violence sweeps the land, a… Read More

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The Veterans House

With COVID 19 running out of control, the landscape of the world has changed drastically, nations that used to be friends no longer able to communicate with one another. Somehow two old foes - Russia and the UK - stay in touch, and decide to send a small taskforce to… Read More
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