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Acheron, a city created to be a prison. To save money on taxes, the country just dumped their criminals there. The dense walls that surrounded the city locked them in permanently. However, time passed and the government stopped bringing people. Months after the supplies stopped. The city was abandoned to… Read More
First Lieutenant Osman Terrace of the Commonwealth of Earth and the Colonies Defense Force Marine Corps was completing his first combat and field assignment. In order to complete his mission and stay alive, he must take a leap of faith. Read More
The world was hit with a major solar flare, and all technology was destroyed. The militia soon controlled everything, and Ordie made it his duty to kill the leader of the militia, even if it cost him his life. THIS IS MY FIRST DRAFT. PLEASE COMMENT AND TELL ME WHAT… Read More
Autumn Grey is a vampire. Grettell Divan is a witch. They live along side the breathers in perfect harmony until the chance meeting with 5 perfect strangers. Their worlds collide and sparks fly. Can Autumn have a realationship with a vampire killer? Can a witch fall for someone who wants… Read More

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December 20, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Everybody has a routine, a pattern in which they go through life. Cobry Austins, a robotically enhanced neo-soldier, lived life on a schedule for as long as he could remember. But after a series of unusual events surrounding a late night escapade away from his military base, he soon discovers… Read More
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