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crumpled ticket in the pocket with no time on the dime dim lightning struck breaking in the best of kin a win win i cant do this tear slice shred swear it's a shame no sweat but fame the pressure builds up bogey blue bragster's mother-finnicky bastard twat ive found… Read More

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August 03, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

This poem entails the decision of the survival of intelligent people to retreat into the mindless masses or define themselves and keep their species alive. Read More
You left my mind in a hurry and left this mess behind. Read More
A poem about Cathuria in the Dreamlands. Read More

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January 21, 2014

taken from my book, "This Never Happened Before" Read More
This is not about religion. Theres a message in it. Find the secret message and i will reward you with a cookie. Read More
Jessica is an ordinary girl who loves a musical group,Mindless Behavior, to the extent that she will faint over them. On her birthday, Valentine's Day, they are supposedly coming to her school and she is prepaired for anything that shoots her way. Or thats what she thinks.... Read More
So you finally go out with your favorite member of Mindless Behavior. At first you think that they're all for the awards and girls and fame. That is...until you finally really get to know him... Read More
Welp this Is Called SexSlaves Because technically there SexSlaves...Just read and find out pls :) it's kinda hard to explain Read More

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love? whats is love that's what chanele is trying to find out she looking for a way out of this abuse relationship with her boyfriend and find some one to really love her and she thinks she might jusst found the right guy when she meet prodig y at a… Read More
This story is about u and mindless behavior.U anpProdigy are brother and Sister.u two were on the street untill yall found yall dad.in the story roc princeton And ray been hiding somthing so does your brother,prod.you get supicous and....READ TO FIND OUT Read More
The auditions are up for the new boy band,Mindless Behavior and four best friends try out and get the parts. Each one of the guys have their own girl best friend,and their only wish is that fame doesn't change them and be friends forever. Can that promise be kept? Read More
Mindless Bwhavior Love Story! Read More
mindless behavior chemistry Read More
That girl you always knew. Yeah that one the fat one. She's gone. But there is a better version today and she wants to say Hey.. Read More
I have a feeling that I won't be able to give a decent summary of this short story. I didn't plan to write it exactly, it just popped into my head and demanded proper attention. So check it out and tell me what you think ;) Read More
Princess Symone lives peacefully in her kingdom with her friends/trusty knights C.D., or Caylin, and Sunshine, or Hannah Reyna S. What happens when she is forced by her parents and Prince Tyler's parents to marry Prince Tyler? Will she marry Tyler or her true love? Read to find out, my… Read More
A love story continued Who will join together? Who Will Fade Away? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A Mindless Behavior Love Story Will they stay together or give it all up? The Struggles of being in love Read More
Shane had to leave everything behind and move out to L.A to live with her best friend Zoey.But happpens when she meets Jacob Perez a.k.a Princeton. He falls for her. HARD. But she keeps up a wall and does'nt let him in.Will he give up like everyone else or keep… Read More
Self absorption falls under my knife, as I slash away at the people who talk too much. Read More
In the future, the govt doesn't have enough soldiers for the army so they conduct an experiment using kids as soldiers. The experiment worked. Kat's dad was part of the experiment and her bigger brother joins the army as well. So when her brother dies in war, she gets drafted… Read More
crystal has been friends with princeton yes from mindless behavior for years and she is dating a boy name leon what princeton does not know is that leon abusses crystal shes scared to tell anyone cause he says he will kill them leon is real crazy and she need some… Read More
A Lyn-Z, Gerard Way and 90%of Panic! At The Disco fan fiction. There's no sexy scenes, just a good ol' time. Brendon's strapped for cash. And the Way's might be able to provide him with just the way to pay his utilities. Read More
Yoooooooooo bitcheessssssss!!! Its ya gurl Shan'tasha!! a.k.a. prodigylova13 (Mindless Behavior and Lil twist love story) This story was on J14,but i move it cuz j14 got on my last nerve!! But hope u enjoy. Read More
a girl that is bff with roc royal andmeets princeton and they fall in love a lot of drama and romance Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Who yelled at trinity Read More
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