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Universal Dimensions is a book series where the protagonist, Teiki, goes into different game universes while trying to recruit characters from each universe to stop a crazed man from destroying universes. This is supposed to be a game idea that I have, but since I'm still a newbie at making… Read More
Its a Sad/Adventure Minecraft Story Of a Player Born In a Village Having The Sadest And Most Adventurous Story With BackStories And More! Read More

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I wanted to write a Minecraft parody or a cool new Minecraft song. This rap was just what came out when I sat down to write. Read More
A complication of minecraft that will make you cringe about how much time you wasted on a game that is basically a sandbox. I mean come on, go outside!!!! Read More
This is a story of three girls who explore the world of Minecraft... but it's different. Read More
Not ready to be summarized Read More
A young Minecraftain meets a mysterious man named brine who saved Alex from zombies little did she know that brine was herobrine. Notch is looking for him and he will find him. Read More

Book / Fantasy

November 05, 2016

minecraft is a awesome video game i recommend for those people who love video games! Read More

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I'm doing an art contest of my new book series Star Wars Uncharted. CLICK IF YOU ARE AN AWESOME DRAWER! Read More
Ever wonder how the original members of TeamPhased formed the group in the first place? When Anikan and his 2 best friends Josh and 26 get into their dream school Ender University they encounter new friends, A gang called the Cubes and an assassin bombing the school and targeting the… Read More
Anikan has escaped the void and is on his way to rescue his friends. They must rally their allies and prepare for the Final Fight against the Shadow Empire and survive the Corrupted Command Block Staff Read More
When the Shadow Empire starts it's invasion of BeachTown and the rest of the planet, Anikan, Hadyn and the rest of TeamPhased must defend their home and find the Castle of Evil Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

i wrote this story because i wanted to :) Read More

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When Anikan, Sean, Skyler and Brianna get trapped in the Nether because of a crack in the earth, the rest of TeamPhased must travel across the land and through the jungle to find the lord of the Nether's personal portal and save the others while losing a friend along the… Read More
When Alyssa's injury from the Emperor's cursed sword brings her into a coma, Anikan, Brianna, Skyler, Jason, Andrew, Aiden and 26 must set off on a journey that takes them over the sea, through the Desert and into the temple of MineLantis! Enjoy! Read More
when unkown forces crack the crystal of life which holds the planet together, anikan, josh, skyler, brianna and the rest of teamphased must journey underground to find and heal the crystal of life! Read More
When Anikan goes on a mission with Josh, Sean and Brianna, they discover a dimension with a secret prison which holds the last of the Shadow Knights. Will they save the Shadow Knights and escape Experion Prison alive? Read More

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When a virus infects Josh and Aiden the rest of TeamPhased scramble to save their lives while traveling through dimensions looking for the ingredients to cure the rest of the heroes Read More
When bad luck strikes BeachTown, the 9 heroes must find the 3 pieces of the spell parchment to travel to another world and find out whats going on with the Enchanted Orbs Read More
When a huge dark tornado strikes the city and sends TeamPhased to another dimension they find out their ancestors were part of an ancient group of warriors: The Shadow Knights Read More
This is a story about Two friends Cameron And Sam in the video game Minecraft living their everyday lives. This is not a official book, nor do I own the rights to Minecraft, Mojang and Microsoft do so.... Yeah. Read More

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This book was made by Awesomeness2669 to inform people of things they might have missed or didn't know about the stories Read More
When Anikan's sattelite gets damaged by someone unknown Anikan, 26, Sean and Andrew get seperated from the group and are attacked by the space armada of the Shadow Empire. Now with Brianna's new powers they must save their friends are find the swords and blasters of destiny and escape home Read More
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