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The Booksie Classic House

You can turn these things into food. Read More
So it turns out time travel is impossible, but not time manipulation! Join a team of miners as they tunnel through an explosion frozen in time to save the people trapped inside. (Image uploaded by BotMultichillT) Read More
A young mans endeavors in the western high desert mountains. Read More
It's the summer of '89 and Max has fallen in with a local bike-riding gang from his neighborhood. There is turmoil in his family and Max is hopeful that it will all go away soon. Their gang comes up with all sorts of fun things to do that summer and… Read More
Second poem to post on this site. Let me know what you guys think! I'm going to try and post something everyday. Read More
Ah what a back star can yield. And what trouble we're in if String Theory proved right then fails! All from a little stardust. And enterprising Bumblescum. Oh yes. What a to-do! Read More
Who climbs out of a spatial Traverse where there is nothing to see? (This is part of the same fictional canon as all my other science-fiction) Read More
Aftermath of the Markham mine disaster, told from the viewpoint of a contractor working on a residential street. Read More
"Bullion" Bob, a miner who finds the mother lode, is shanghaid and left for dead. A fur trader named 'Trappy' finds him and nurses him back to life. "Bullion" Bob vows to get back his gold and revenge on the drifters who jumped his claim. Read More
The small, industrial town of Greenshigh comes under attack. This attack puts a threat on the peoples only way of life and a threat to global demand of minerals. How will the towns lone officer, Wilson, overcome the first emergency in five years? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The need for Nigerian Banks to emulate the use of data mining to retail and acquire high networth customers Read More
A young man recently began his career as a social studies high school teacher and in his second summer, he decides to jump on his Harley, twist the throttle and head west from Florida. His adventure with a small town restaurant owner and a homeless Indian girl give him the… Read More
Edward Smith is introduced to William John August, a banker who lives in a poor apartment in the rich side of town. When Mr. August hires Smith to find his lost collection of African diamonds, Smith goes on an adventure of a lifetime in order to find them. Read More
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