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Just my Thoughts about the governments new Loneliness Minister and how i'm trying to figure out how and what she is going to do regarding Loneliness in the United Kingdom. Is it ironic to question a government that seems to be the cause of such things as this? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

As a young boy I watched this small white building and wondered why all those people go there to sing. Later on, things became more clearer. Read More
A powerful politician has been accused of murdering his wife. He says he's innocent, but his step-son claims that he saw him leave the crime scene minutes before she was found dead. Who is lying and who is telling the truth, its up to the relentless Inspector Rathore to find… Read More
Sorry for the late story guys! Got a bit sick and wasn't able to think clearly. Anyway, here's another funny short story for you fellas! Enjoy! Read More
A serious and humorous outlook of a land called pakistan Read More
Italian Minister of Justice: this is a true story. The law should not be the instrument to give the power to those who work in this field, to appropriate, with deception, what belongs to others or to destroy life, health and life plans of others. This legal case delegitimize the… Read More
A circuit rider preacher selects substitutes when he can't make his circuit. Read More

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May 09, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

They addressed me as 'Ruddy Alan', I believe. Whether it was because I was red-faced or because I was damned fool... I couldn't tell you. Alan Rudd. Prime Minister. Or at least he was. Rudd was assassinated on Tuesday 23rd October last year. The public was distraught and the police… Read More
submitted for Tanaya's contest. prompt: "politics". Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The Prime Minister of Lesotho has a problem, so he calls upon the of Lesotho's best investigators. A short story written for a school project, I may make it longer or into a novel. Read More
Catching up with a friend turned out to be a telling experience. Read More
The stats are alarming! Millions of Americans are debilitated or paralyzed by this culprit! It's B.K.A. False Evidence Appearing Real! The stats & Social Security show that it is real for millions! It's time to evict the spirit of Fear and begin to operate in your power & God given… Read More
I go to Texas for They no proper English! Because they wouldn't like the real history of Australia, so I made a fake one for Texas! Your's truly...Don Vito Corleone. (Tip: Spelling isn't Find an error, and tell me where it Read More
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