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This is a teen romance novel. Jersey likes her best friend Anthony, but she happens to be in a relationship. Tyler, Jersey's boyfriend, is caught in the act of cheating with Anthony's ex. After a confrontation Jersey gets together with Anthony but ends up in some trouble near the end. Read More
A girl seeks a mystery when she discovers a skeleton underneath the school. Read More
This story was not fully written by me. Many people wrote parts of it. But it is originally my idea and i edited as best as i could. Read More
This is a poem i wrote for when my grandma died from breast cancer. Read More
Another i wrote for the same guy i liked. Just as bad as the first. Read More

Tags: love, poem, misabelm

Okay so this is not the best thing i have ever written but who cares. I wrote this when i liked one of my guy friends and i liked him for a while. So to stop thinking about him i wrote this. Read More
This story is about a man who has a nightmare about trying to save someone only to be killed by a monster. Finally he wakes up to find another nightmare we call reality. The mp3 is not mine but a friend of mines. Also it is not an exact replica… Read More
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