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Well my first summary here LOL but if you guys really like it ill write another chapter ; u ; well kthx i hope you like it :3 Read More
A Junjou Romantica fanfic. A bittersweet story set many years in the future after the the time of the show. Akihiko is now a very old man, but Misaki still stands by him. Misaki reminisces on the past. This story has a sad ending. You have been warned Read More
After the sudden vision of Koyama village in the past,Emi finds herself walking back home to her mother Misaki who is determined to kill her daughter in hopes of finally being free from her curse. Read More
This poem was my first ever written, it was to show the struggle of battling the logic of one's hear vs. their mind Read More

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In this the gazers, and seekers live together.... Read More
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