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These are a collection of Idioms. Read More
The things that go on in the shadows of some industries, and the Boom in these businesses, would surprise you. Actually, they would be a surprise to others as well. Read More
A short, sad piece I've written from the POV of an American Soldier Read More
A poem based on war, and the future we could face if our super-nations were to collide Read More
Cruelty to animals is everywhere, but this time it's something special: Animals fall from the skies .... Read More

Poem / War and Military

August 20, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

A description of war; the battle field, a young life touched by circumstances, the women waiting for their husbands and the motives engraved into their minds, that what they are doing, is right... Read More
A light in the sky can mean very different things depending on where you are in the world. Read More
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