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The battle raged between the enemy and us; leaving just Jack and I/ Read More
Things aren't always what they seem to be in Covid-ville, fun is the game and sometimes the game seems like work. Read More

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Blue, Rose, Green, Red, Black and White at the beggining of their friendship ;) How they looked like as teens, how they met, what they thought at first and, of course, how they became best friends, all could be found in this story. Read More

Book / Fantasy

September 16, 2018

Ja’Nae and Kelin are on a journey to find a mystery flower - the only thing that can save Ja’Nae’s sick daughter - through the Tresed, an untraveled and dangerous desert. A lonely hunter - born to the Tresed and talked into helping them - acts as their guide… Read More
four best friends, with one special place to themselves, but how long will the fun last? Lucy is hiding secrets and Isaac is going mad. how long will they last alone in the wild after everything goes wrong? Read More
To some, this story will mean something, to others, maybe not so much. But if it makes just one person say, {"Hmm?"}, then it did what it was supposed to do. --- This story is loosely based on a real life occurrence involving an artist and the painting he produced. Read More

Short Story / Humor

October 29, 2016

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Have you ever wondered how those round, deep potholes appear near the middle of the road, on a bend so you can't possibly miss them? Here's a possible explanation! Read More
A mission to colonized the human race on the planet CAP115. Read More
An inspirational poetry to serve as a motivation for change. Read More

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There's a mean monster, and it is up to the remarkable and popular DI Gregory Gloop and the charming and admirable Prof Tom Willis to save the day from this ruthless creature causing conflict. Read More
Two Brothers who are always willing to help Read More
Kate Saunders is your average girl, she strived for great achievements throughout her life and always gave her best. Now, she has been chosen for a life changing role that many wanted with only 5 being chosen. In a world were more, more, more has become all we say, what… Read More
This novel is about group of 50 people goes to the Mars. They constructed a station named The Last Resort on Martian surface and are trying to uncover the secrets of this red planet. Has the protagonist and chief of this mission got what it takes to lead this group… Read More

Book / Young Adult

March 22, 2015

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Isabella has one job. follow Arc's orders to the point. If not there are horrible consiquences. Her only option is trust the criminals around her. When her mission is over and she is dismissed. Where does she goes? What does she do? Read More
Military technician Sarah Donais goes on a mission with a squad of elite soldiers to steal a dangerous neurotoxin from a corrupt corporation Read More

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I jerk awake suddenly, pulled from my dream by whoever was shouting my name. I had been dreaming about. . . I cannot even remember what, something to do with falling in the dark. I must have been dreaming about the mission. Right now I am in the back of… Read More
Your devotion is this life. If you forget this moment how far will be every blessing. Yet you find happiness in a vacuum thought of a empty mind. Your time with them is the cure. God created this awareness as a time where one wish would be a healing cure… Read More

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A book which follows seargent stryker and his men under his command through tours of duty through afghanistan, iraq, and more. Read More
This story is about a girl from another planet and her strugles as she try's to find her reason for being sent to Earth will her mission end in victory or defeat find out in this short story the following is all I have so far of the story. Read More
This girl being born with evil eyes. Read More

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Free writing: Due to a thought. I came up with this. Read More
The original true vision of the book, Tiberius Rising by me, Jace Connors. Read More

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When injured famous 21 year old Natalie Portman is sent to experience life with the well known Avengers she must either trust herself or watch as her world falls away into streaming puddles of worries. Copyright 2014 by LoneStallion54 Read More
Life was straight forward for 15 Kallie Sanders. Wake up, school ect. But when Matt's father sends out men to kidnap her, Hell goes down. To punish Matt for the sins he committed to his father, He set Matt a mission which he did with every girl kidnapped. Mission? Don't… Read More
In this episode Heather, Andrew, and Ty Arrive in india India. Read More
after your love has gone i dont want to be forgotten Read More
A secret agent is caught by the enemies and his find a way to escape from their clutches an accomplish his mission. Read More
"Kaspar Kane is an ordinary agent with an extraordinary safeguard." A spy employed under CSIS, the Canadian Secret Service, is "mission complete". He has acquired Delta Status and is given his latest assignment. Drugs, smuggling, alcohol, guns, twists and science all in one book. An espionage-comedy that will not disappoint!… Read More
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