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This is a crossover of Totally Spies and My Little Pony in elements but not characters. Read More
This is a story that mixes together MLP, EQG, Law of Ueki, and the TV show Heroes Read More
This is a rework of Gravity Falls Read More
Celestia gets an unexpected visit from Discord. His latest goals are unacceptable to her, but will he take no for an answer? Can a mere alicorn stand her ground against the Spirit of Chaos? Rated 18+ for rape. Read More
Rumble reveals a secret to his brother. Chaos ensues. Read More
This focuses on 6 different pursuits by Gunnar for "action." If you know what I mean. Read More

Tags: love, comedy, mlp, gunnar, eqg

This story involves a whole new fantastical spin on the whole EQG universe. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The EWF has reached a whole new plane. Let's go! Read More
This is a spoof work off of the movie "Grease". While there will be comedy thrown in, this story is only for mature audiences, as the material will include mentions and possible scenarios involving drugs, alcohol, and sex. There will also be the possibility of intense violence, sexual situations,… Read More

Tags: mature, equestria, mlp

What's better than 1 person with problems? 2 people with problems! Read More
On one of my mind trips, I create a pocket dimension that is Equestria. I proceed to conquer it, for it is my right as its creator. *Yes; this is exactly what it sounds like. The prompt was: ‘your self-insert takes over Equestria’. What else was I supposed to do? Read More
Fluttershy decides to do a radio show for fun. as expected, it goes completely awry. Read More
Rarity has a chance to hold onto her youth forever. Will she take it? Read More
This highlights 6 stories from Rainbow Dash's "Glory Days" Read More
Celestia desperately searches for an item of the right shape to scratch the itch in her ass. Alas, there is nothing in her room that would fit. It is then that Fluttershy, with her pretty snout, comes knocking on the door. Rated 18+ for Celestia sitting on Fluttershy’s face, watersports… Read More
This will feature 3 stories from Pinkie Pie, and 3 from Pinkamena. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is 6 stand-alone stories with Twilight as the main focus. Read More
This is where the children of our well-known characters steal the show. Read More
This is 17 years later after the events of Canterlot High. Read More

Tags: equestria, mlp, fim

This is when all things from the first 5 seasons will come together. Read More

Tags: finale, mlp, canterlot

It's the crazy boat race conceived by Zephyr Breeze. Let's see how long it takes for it to go wrong. Read More
Dreamscape is a place of opportunities, as a brony finds out when he opens a portal to Equestria. In lucid dreams, the only boundaries are those that one self-imposes, but why should there be any limits at all? It’s not like anything bad can come out of a dream, right?… Read More
This is just a story of the crossover from three series just like that now this series is started in Mass Effect Universe and they have finish the Reaper War... Well this story will continue on all my series of story and support me on patreon for the fan film… Read More
Accused of an attack on a pony village, Tentacle ponies send their representative to clear up the issue with Celestia. The ambassador, however, does not come alone, as Sweetie Belle finds out. This story is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfiction. Cover art source: Read More
This season is when many more issues, revelations, surprises, and unexpected scenarios come up than before. Read More
It’s time for a routine check up on Nightmare Moon. Celestia removes all potential means of escape to make sure the captive stays put. Despite her busy schedule and the memory of her sister still fresh in her mind, the alicorn in mourning finds it in her heart to talk… Read More
From a long lineage of Princesses’ guards comes a brave stallion. His only goal is to become a champion among the Canterlot guards like his forefathers before him. All he needs is an opportunity, and he’ll show everypony what constitutes a hero. Read More
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfiction. The pony has lost his memories. Left to himself, he wanders the streets of Canterlot. Despite his misfortune, he finds his ‘one and only’. Why worry about amnesia when there is a wedding to go to? It’s not like the forgotten past can… Read More

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The Fantasy House

This is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfiction. The Mane Seven are on a mission to spread friendship across Equestria. It sounds easy enough, but should they really let their guard down? Twilight is confident that she can cope with any situation. Maybe she’s right and there really is… Read More
The Queen of the Changlings, comes in a regal way of stealing the newly proposed mare, Princess Cadence! She is on a plan to take Shining Armor instead of Princess Cadence!!! What will happen? Will Cadence get married, safely? Will queen Chrysalis win over Canterlot? Read More
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