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This is a story I had done in my final year of High School and held high on my list of the best I have ever done. Read More
A twisted love story set across the urban political landscape of a fictional world. Cristolpth Ladime’stie the youthful leader of the aristocratic clan Ladime’stie, attempts assert his position amongst the upperclass of Pythos. However Cristolpth begins to feel torn between his ruthless and unmoral ambition and the love he shares… Read More
Calen is a good man from a bad family. He’s worked hard for success, but something’s missing…or rather, someone. Calen is the son of an Irish mobster, but he’s rejected his legacy and has made a name for himself as a club owner. After years of hard work, he has… Read More
The description of a cold, and calculated mob boss. Read More
Something I decided to right up, I do hope all of you enjoy it! Read More
Mafia non-fiction story. Wondering if anyone could give me feedback and would be intrested in me continuing the story. Read More
John Horace and Bruce Mann are two streetwise detectives that work hard on their hustle, catch the jive turkeys, get the girl, and finally get their lunch in a day's work. In "The Setup" a new drug hits the streets that make people instantly addicted and drives them mad. Bruce… Read More
An old star gun down in front of a young girl in this 1920s crime. Read More

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Jon Jesse Donovan is his name. He was formerly known as the finest cop in all of Kingsburg. He even made it to the rank of sergeant, keeping the mean streets clean of crime. In his prime, Sgt. Donovan busted crime lords and drug dealers alike, but his hot-headed recklessness… Read More
The story of Pavel Kuliv continues as he helps his boss with ruling the criminal empire. Two friends are distanced as one of them quickly rises through the criminal empire while the other one stays as he was. After Pavel Kulivs most trusted man kills an innocent person he tries… Read More
The story of Organized crime in Brighton beach, this is shorter than the other chapters Read More
A Rhode Island band channels the late great Jimi Hendrix and wows pop-weary fans. Dozens of original song lyrics. Read More
In the mysterious world there is a legend surrounding a small inch tall jaguar Squeaky. She hasn't been seen in over one million years. Rumors say the jaguar contains great powers. When two girls Natalie and Rachel learn a secret surrounding the world they are sucked in into the world… Read More
Fillipo "Trigger" Buccola arrives in Boston from Sicily after the Volstead Act passes. Send by the Greco crime family in Palermo, Buccola has been sent to learn about the Boston family and in time take over as boss. The goal is to unite the Boston and Providence families. This will… Read More
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