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Certainly a fine example for all of us, I think; to simply keep on keeping on, even if something or someone tries to stop you from doing so. Read More
With the past few years; however, I am certainly practicing temperance but I am confident the play will happen at some time. Read More
A short story/writing prompt of a girl taking the first steps into submissiveness. This was the intro post to a literotic story, involving submissive training and the characters first exposure to a subs lifestyle. Read More
The band’s name is Fight Gone Bad and their debut album “Because Bureaucracy” is quite an audio treat. Read More
A single day of drizzling rain is almost enough to refresh the soul, but not when every other day is the hottest temperatures to date. Read More
It is probably the most inspiration I have seen lately. Read More
During the hot summer of 1981, Caleb Irwin suffers from acute paranoia during the full moon. As he begins to feed off his emotions, he can't remember the bad things that happen when he falls under a trance state. The new thriller novel by Robert Helliger. Read More
Personally, I don’t care who wins but certainly admire all the gifted athletes who are dedicated to this lifestyle. Read More
At least nothing beats a summer night, but sometimes I wish it was that cool 24/7. Read More
The play of “Antigone” is coming along quite well and we have been working on blocking and practicing lines. Read More
Really taking the time to brainstorm with the director, Julie Rada, has helped get my gears flowing and blossomed ideas for different types of lighting. Read More
I’ve just begun to read the script for Julie Rada’s take on “Antigone”, as well as learning more about all that goes into bringing a play to life. I already read about scenery, and plan to read about both costume and lighting to fully appreciate my role and those around… Read More
I have taken on the significant challenge of being a Lighting Designer for one Julie Rada’s take on a play titled “Antigone” so will be quite busy bringing her approach on this classic play Read More
Let’s see, where to begin? I’ve begun to teach myself how to sew. Just doing small garments for right now, but it is certainly a productive way to pass the time. Read More
I started studying theater and hope to learn all about the myriad aspects involved with live entertainment. This will cover both on-stage and behind the scenes, though I think I will favor theater design rather than actual acting. Read More
The last few weeks of my drawing class are super easy and I was almost tempted to finish them all but think I will follow through with my weekly work. Read More
I always thought Spring was the time of new beginnings, but it seems as though this Summer is where new pages are written for me. Read More
Purple reminds me of respect and this particular flower had very contrasting yellow and light blue as well, so it was memorable to me. Read More
So long as the days remain fairly cool all Summer, this will be a very rewarding time for me. Read More
Oh well, I get paid for everything I put my time into, so with 10 hours to kill I will certainly be making bank. All the better to fuel my newest vices too. Read More
Even with such moody spells, the birds still serenade each other, the only music I really get here. Read More
Stay focused on the stars and look forward to our gift. Read More
I feel as though one of the best ways to add to your toolbelt is by intelligent exchanges of information, for which I am grateful our beings were able to cross paths, however fleeting this interaction may be. Read More
This being tells me we only have a little time to exchange ideas, but we are doing so judiciously. Read More
Life, a flowing stream – constant but conquerable, determines success. Read More
My relation was to someone very confident & grounded so I weighted the lines of the heel and padding. Read More
Nothing beats a hot drink and a fine record, I believe, so that is all I need in my short life. Read More
As such, I haven’t had much time to walk around outside, but at least I can still admire the families of rabbits that still visit my lonely window. Read More

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