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While I haven’t dabbled too much in mythological topics, I believe it is quite an interesting topic and incredibly varied. Read More
Luckily, I am a firm believer that appreciation is a very subjective view and one that most beings fully embrace truthfully, that is probably one of the biggest reasons why it is possible for so many forms of art to be incredibly successful. Read More
Dreams are powerful tools that many beings can use to their advantage. Just the concept alone is a complex topic, covering both waking dreams and sleeping ones. Read More
You know, it is quite a conundrum when you start to think more abstractly about what is known as life. Read More
Regardless of your personal beliefs on what happens after we die, I think most people agree that life is what you make it and that, as long as you accomplish whatever goals you set for yourself during this flash of lightening, it was successful. Read More
Even with a limited perspective, I hope most beings realize that even the simplest actions, both positive and negative, can change the world and the lives of people around you. Read More
Personally, I think mankind’s’ ability to create something wholly new through creativity is a major uniqueness. Read More
Honestly, I wouldn’t change this existence that I have been given for anything. Read More
One thing is for certain, though, every experience will be unique. Read More
I personally believe in simply existing and doing my part to help while I can, which in itself is no physical reward, but at least I am doing my part to improve lives while I can. Read More
Jesus, Dragons, and Single Malt Scotch (90,000 words) is a science fiction tale solidly rooted in the real world. It is meant to be lighthearted but still questions humanity's flaws. Orzandor Primus, Ja-Bella Korquer and Steve White are the main characters. each is a little broken. Orzandor cannot forgive himself… Read More
Astraea was the princess of a kingdom named Emrys, originally nicknamed the Immortal Kingdom due to it's long standing history. Despite the name, the kingdom of Emrys ironically fell to a single being when Astraea was 8 years old. Out of 2 thousand people, Princess Astraea was the only person… Read More
Maybe that leans more towards science than supernatural, but is there really a difference other than approach in the long run? Read More
Throughout history, humans have definitely been on quite a journey and covered both positive and negative events. Read More
Nothing really overpowers the majesty and beauty that is the ever-surprising gifts of nature. Just when you think you have the world figured out, a curveball is thrown your way that upsets your personal perspective, but is actually probably for the better. Read More
You know, as I think about it, the whole point of revolving around cyclical patterns is one of the keystones to society maintaining balance. Read More
Escapism is a funny thing, a bit of a catch-22, honestly, because it is a driving force and focus of creativity, which is almost a guaranteed by-product of necessity. Read More
Balance is an essential component, I believe, of a successful life and people tend to forget that it goes both ways. Read More
. It has been a great opportunity to think outside the box and view all artistic expression in a new light. Read More
Since I have been learning the basics of cooking as of late, I have {not} been able to spend as much time outside. Read More
As remarkable as humans are, more often than not we do not fully embrace all of our strengths. Read More
You know, life is really what you make it and humans are some pretty amazing creations. Read More
I think it is rather disconcerting when the world around me seems to move at a much slower pace than I am used to. Read More
As I sit here lost in music and reverie, I can only bask in the power that is life. Read More
How amazing this world is certainly depends on perspective, but you have to always respect Mother Nature’s tenacity and resilience. Read More
Makes me curious about if there are anymore movies out there with that strange mix of fantasy and society. Read More
It is a different feeling to be looking to the future and knowing that I have options available to pursue in any situation, but I definitely had to take the time to figure out my personal strengths to discover them. Read More
As I write this at least, we are still getting delayed snow from Winter, which is better than nothing. Read More
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