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A Two Act Play By Thomas Neath Copyright¬©2014 A black comedy that centres on charming world war one soldier Harry Brown who while under attack in Flanders, is gunned down only to awaken in present day London! He is stumbled upon by the egotistical Luisa Heartman who takes him to… Read More
A poor farmer in Jiangning, China discovers a stunning piece of jade. He makes plans to sell it, but the city jewelry dealer has other plans... Loosely based off of novella The Pearl. Read More
A look at the problems with modern society. Read More
I'd really like to thank my beautiful Anonymous Annie. Without you, I probably wouldn't be making an A in my class. Thank you so much, love. I hope you stay strong. Read More

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This is something my friends and I have been messing around with. It's not exactly an in-depth meaningful/well-written book, but we're just having fun with it. Don't be too hard on it! The world was void of most of the magic in the old days, but something catastrophic has happened… Read More
Hamlet to my Ophelia. Modern day story of a harsh romance between two mad lovers. Read More
John and Ciel Nightens were normal brother and sister until they learned the truth... Read More
Amber-Katbryn Poland Kateri is your typical teenager. She jumbles schoolwork, sports, friends, enemies,and a boyfriend. But the world around her is slowly disappearing. Literally. The way life was before will never be the same, for the apocalypse is here Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

TEST CHAPT. 1 This is set in a Modern - Day Fantasy, in a world that in a World War. The Elite group of the Allies, known as Legacy, is there trying to end it with their new member Nomen. Nomen, a Bellator, which is a humanoid white tiger, which… Read More
So this is my first time initiating a challenge but I can't seem to get the idea out of my head! Anyone and everyone is welcome! Read More
After waking from a deep slumber, the vampire Azul finds himself in a world quite different from his own. The culture and people so different from what he had known. On top of all this it seem he has taken a liking to a particular werewolf which could very well… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Brian is in love with Juliet, a girl who never gives him the time of day. When she is cast as Juliet in the school's play Romeo and Juliet he will do everything in his power to win the role of Romeo and her heart. Read More
While being transported Chelise gets rescued by the Keepers. With her memory gone we follow her in search for her memories and past events that led to her confinement that lasted four hundred years. Read More
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