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December 14, 2018

Yet another poem done on a whimsy and from an interupted sleep. No reference to the living or dead is intended but perhaps inherent. Cant win them all.... note: this started out as free form but I have edited (several times) into lyricism. I do like the challenge of rhyme… Read More

Tags: love, sex, money, cynical, lyric

A poem on how money has thwarted humanity in the world Read More
An article about jobs, money and survival with insights into knowledge, joy and creativity. Read More
And the greatest of these is love... Read More

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The Vintage Publishing House

Amber King is manipulative and vain... Read More
Can a wild girl force her socialite friend to marry the man the wild girl loves? Read More
Peppermint and Mars-man almost meet the King of Ketchup in Lake Como. Read More

Poem / Poetry

September 12, 2018

taken from my book, "Rumble In The Mind!" Read More
A description of the progress I have made in chess, money, relationships and power. And what insights I have made on this journey coming into my new war time novel "Beginners". Read More
My Experience In Jail with other inmates Read More

Tags: money, prison, jail

Learn about the inner working of the Boeing CO and the financial world. From Wallstreet to China and China to the White House. However there are many ways of making money in this constantly changing environment. But how is Boeing and the DOW 30 affected by politics, speculation and… Read More
Intellectual guy and adventurous guy meet a girl trapped in an adventure. Read More
again! i'm a cancer i don't have time Read More
Four boys turn to life in the streets to make a way... Read More

Tags: drugs, boys, money, bag, boyz

Playing PICK 4 and PICK 3 is a fantastic way to bump up your income considerably. Stay tuned because I will tell you why and how. I personally call them COMBINED SMALL SAVIORS. The benefit of playing the PICK 4 and PICK 3 responsibly can add value to your… Read More
It is quite obvious that in this physical world, we need to have money to get around. I hope you get the true meaning with this poem. Read More

Tags: love, happy, journey, money

In the light of the day, they lead very different lives than they do in the dark, when the doors are all closed. Read More
A man debates what to do when someone breaks in his house. Read More
An amazing story of a Father-Son duo with unconditional love for each other. Is the son able to fulfill his Father's dreams? Dig in to this short story to feel the sacrifices of a Father to help his son achieve big. Read More

Tags: family, life, father, money

Poem / Humor

May 02, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

How to save 100% on items. Matter of fact, the only way.... Read More

Tags: money, save, shop

What is this about. I was high n well just trying something. Read More
Flash Fiction story inspired by the prompt 'Mind 0ver Matter' Read More
When my Pappi hires a Nanny, my world is turned upside-down. My adored father forgets the apple of his eye, my brother and his job. Just when things couldn't get worse, The Day comes along, and Jack and mine's summer days are over. Forever. Read More

Poem / Poetry

April 12, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Tags: money, wealth

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