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Critical analysis of the "so-called" evidence in support of astrology and numerology. Shows marked comparison with 'Life Cycles', which is derived from biographical data. This is an Op-Ed style spiritual article. Read it if you want the truth. Read More

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July 25, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House


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The Booksie Classic House

Sylvia, likes to be called BOTDF LOVER, has a BOTDF obsession, she did imagine herself meeting them, but not getting saved by one, and going to their place, is Sylvia just a obsessed fangirl, or is she some kind of elina in the vampire diaries???? Read More
A short story of a girl who has become imprisoned through fame and the only way out is to end it all.. I hope you enjoy Read More
Historical Fiction about America's Sweetheart, Marilyn Monroe. Read More
I married Joe DiMaggio Jr. when I was seventeen and he was twenty-one. These blog series are about my connection to Marilyn Monroe the movie star. But it was Norma Jeane who was my young husbands friend, step-mother, idealized woman and sexual fantasy. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

(COMPLETED) Alison and Ryan have been friends for years. They never thought of each in a romantic way at all until Alison introduced her boyfriend Christopher. Christopher is Alison's first boyfriend. Alison is the type of girl that only enters a relationship when she knows that there could possibly be… Read More

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October 12, 2011

About one of my close bros Read More
My name is Sophie, and this is the story of 6 month's without the one person I love... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Jessica "Jess" and Andy have been best friends sence high school. But when Andy let's her stay with hem for a few weeks she realises how much they're perfect for each other, and that Andy has been in love with her sence when they met. Read More
This is the sequel to Undiscovered Discovery. Kayla has finally found herself and what she believes. Her friend Scarlet, has gotten her a job on Warped to be a Blood On The Dance Floor merch girl. Slowly but surely her and Dahvie Vanity fall in love, leaving her true love,… Read More
Chelsea Monroe has her own demons. And they're the only ones that know she exists. Sixteen-year-old Chelsea struggles with depression, and with good cause. She takes up a path of self-destruction, with her intentions of finally ending her living nightmare, but somebody steps in. Someone who wants to save her.… Read More
Okay so this Story I wrote a VERY long time ago so its a bit confusing. There are other parts to this that I have not yet written but if i had this would be Part 2. In summary of this story, Aidil is walking to the store with her… Read More
"To provide an ending, there has to be a beginning- there's got to be reasons and explanations and a history I can't go back to. If there's no ending, then I have to find someone else's beginning, and I have to start here. Mad magazines in yellowed plastic slipups, bleach… Read More
This is basically about Marilyn Monroe, Norma Jean, you all know her. Read More
A script written for the Home & Away Frankie Monroe Scriptwriting Competition 2009. Read More
A cloak has fallen upon our age. No longer the blind leading the blind; for a lack of sight eliminates all authority. In this forsaken future, a melancholy youth named Monroe Alabaster walks a path of cheap thrills and one-night romances... Read More
It's about a girl who is all by herself. Hates being controlled and stuff and then she meets a boy. She thinks she likes her but, for some reason doesn't. Then she meets a girl and she falls in love. Read More
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