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Welcome to the sticks... watch your back. Read More
HORNY MILFs are in your AREA! HORNY MILFs who want your C*CK! They’re CUMMING RIGHT NOW! They’re only MINUTES AWAY! NOTHING will STOP THEM! You CANNOT ESCAPE! Read More
There is a story of a fearsome creature, a monster completely invisible from our notice, stalking the our habitat where it counties to control us all far from a form of invisible, all it wants is a full view on life taking its journeys throughout earth, known for its hidden… Read More
A man goes on a hike to a lake, but is detoured due to the heat. What he finds puts him in awe and in fear. Read More
Playtime has never been so lethal, as Kevin and his friends discover the floor has transformed into bubbling, searingly hot, molten lava. Not everyone will survive as they make the treacherous journey from playroom to kitchen, across the dining room and to freedom through flames and choking clouds of smoke,… Read More
Having come to earth inside a meteorite, the Ooze has now consumed every living creature, every man, woman and child, every animal, every insect, every tree and plant, on the face of the earth - except for one person. Time has come to find out exactly why they were saved. Read More
The animals are all scared of the monster in the lake and ask their friend, Cory the Crow to fly over to investigate... Read More
Asteroid miners discover the frozen corpse of an alien creature over two kilometres in length on the outskirts of our solar system. The first proof humanity is not alone in the universe. But where did it come from, and how did it reach us after four billion years adrift in… Read More
Some time in the distant future, a comet hit earth. No, no one died… something far worse happened. Somehow, creatures started mutating into grotesque monsters! From giant floating eyeballs to man-eating cats, the world was full of these mutants, except for three people who somehow managed to avoid whatever transformation… Read More
She’d tracked Desponia for a century, but now the Stygian witches lay rotting in the sun at the underworld’s entrance, and she need not think of returning the eye. Zeus will seek his revenge for the witches. My days are numbered, but my revenge is at hand. Read More
Three friends decide to test the forest named Terror Woods. Despite what they heard from others they go anyways and what they found there will stick with them for the rest of their lives. Read More
“Here at Abolife, we believe the key to humanity’s future lies in the past. The Earth’s distant, ancient past. This planet has existed for eons before the first human being stood upright on the plains of Africa, it would be arrogance to think of ourselves as its true owners…” Read More

Book / Horror

March 28, 2022

Benjamin, a brilliant mind stuck in a mindless school, gets offered the opportunity of his dreams. A chance to study abroad in the new world. However, when he arrives in the growing town of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, he soon learns of a dark secret lurking in the mountains. A secret he… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Milton Masters has it all, riches, his own talent agency, a mansion and a beautiful wife. Until one morning he starts to lose everything. What’s the connection between his sudden streak of bad luck and these lapses in his memory? And what’s it got to do with these hallucinations he… Read More
Be careful when you step down to Mayberry, it may look empty, and most of it is. But, it's not the void you should fear, but instead, what calls this void home. Read More
They killed him. They killed him just about as dead as a person could be killed. So how is that sick sadist Marty Vigotti taking his revenge from beyond the grave? What dark powers are allowing him to kill in such horrible ways? And can he even be stopped? Read More
Tori works the graveyard shift at an ocean cliffside cemetery. But tonight, she witnessed an alien sea monster robbing graves. Tori is in some serious, crazy trouble!! Read More

Book / Fantasy

January 08, 2022

A woman that seemingly fell from the sky is rescued by an unassuming man during a freak weather event of stone hail. When they are attacked at the hospital during her recovery, the pair must use their wits to outmanoeuvre and outsmart their seemingly invincible hunter. Read More
Avian fiends are winging Their way through the evil night, Sniffing out late journeyers To snatch and take up high. Read More
It was in a lot of pain. After it dies, what happens? Photo by Julia Kadel Read More

Short Story / Horror

November 10, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

Een tienermeisje gaat veertien worden, en dat zal ook gevierd worden. Maar al van voor haar verjaardag voelt ze een vreemde aanwezigheid, een soort schaduw die haar lijkt te achtervolgen... Read More
Een vrouw heeft geweigerd haar bijdrage te betalen aan het feestcomité van de wijk waar ze woont. Dat blijft niet zonder gevolgen. Halloween wordt voor haar en haar dochter een ware nachtmerrie... Read More
Yvan heeft een dochtertje van zes. Zij is zijn oogappel, en hij koestert en beschermt haar zo goed mogelijk. Maar de laatste tijd is het meisje erg onrustig en kan moeilijk in slaap raken... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I was originally going to use this for a contest, but decided it would make a better short story instead. Read More
A Mom is taken by a Creepy Monster Read More
Another story in the world of Pathos, following the characters Hatchlet, a human child raised by harpies, and Bronweld, a powerful wizard suddenly forced to take her in and teach her as his new student. While currently written to be a collection of short stories that can be read in… Read More
An isolated story of Hatchlet, a child raised by a harpy, and her wizard teacher, Bronweld, as they have a quick visit to the queendom of Kul'Var. This is the shortened version for an in house contest. To read the full, slightly revised version, please read this: Read More
A gamekeeper finds a mysterious young woman on the land he works and chooses to protect her from the men who wish to take her back, but she’s hiding a dark secret. Read More
A helicopter team culls giant beasts with missile fire. 500 words. Read More
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