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The Booksie Classic House

Mark was shocked to discover human skeletal remains eroding out of a riverbank in western Montana. Little did he realize his connection to them. Time has a way of coming around full circle. Read More

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"The kind of book I would bury myself in and read until I fell asleep!" Read More

Sometimes a good look at the sky can really untangle mixed up thoughts, especially if it's through a car window while you're driving away from home. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A continuation of my "Twin Bridges" piece, although not told in narrative- these are my actual journal entries after visiting my hometown summer 2015. Read More

Book / Fantasy

October 13, 2015

Drake is a normal college student leading a normal life until his dreams change everything. From his small town, Drake pursues whatever normalcy he can grab in his waking life while fighting to save friends and family from the dangers that stalk the world in his dreams. Cheri is the… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A simple poem about the beauty of a small lake that I and my creative writing class went to the spring of 2014. It is a sense poem so, one of the main purposes of it is to appeal to the reader's senses. Read More
Looking forward to a journey across the country to San Jose, Calf., Stringbean Hooper and his wife, Theo, have no idea just how much trouble they can get into. Theo considers this trip their honeymoon and a chance to be at her brother, Brock's wedding. Stringbean gets them lost in… Read More
Hitch hiking journal of wanderlust in America, where ever your at you want to be somewhere else; or getting there is better than being there, from Montana to Mississippi and back again now mountain biking the back roads of Montana, e.g., Heaven. Author of the original screenplay "Paradise Montana", "Real… Read More
My thoughts on being a Ranch Woman. Read More
A writer reflects on his success, in spite of the loss of the love of his life. Read More
The long awaited first novel of master storyteller Stan Lynde begins during the last months of 1882 in Progress County, Montana Territory. With humor, suspense and authentic frontier atmosphere gained through a lifetime of living, researching and depicting the West, Lynde tells a story of adventure, romance and greed as… Read More
Alias "The Bodacious Kid" rides again in a brand new exciting western novel. This is Stan Lynde's second western novel, and sequel to "The Bodacious Kid." The Bodacious Kid rides again in this classic western as young Merlin Fanshaw embarks on a quest for justice that takes him from the… Read More
"A wonderful novel full of drama, action, and pathos as complex characters interact within a strong plot and against a setting so real the reader can hear the tinny music from the saloon and the crack of a broken neck as the Vigilantes hang another of Henry Plummer's gang." --Doris… Read More
U.S. Deputy Marshal Merlin Fanshaw is out of town on the day George Starkweather and his outlaw band hold up the Cattleman's Bank of Dry Creek. Upon his return, Fanshaw's boss, U.S. Marshal Chance Ridgeway, suggests the deputy volunteer to infiltrate the gang as an undercover agent. Fanshaw hesitates only… Read More

Book / Westerns

September 25, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Sheepman Abel McKenzie and cattleman Zack Rainford were once the best of friends, but are now, in 1887 Montana Territory, mortal enemies. Their escalating feud threatens to throw the people of Meriwether County into a bloody range war. Three ranchers have already been killed, and the investigation into the homicides… Read More
Butte City, Montana Territory, 1888 The chance discovery of a virtual mountain of copper brings incredible wealth and power to two men: Irish immigrant and miner, Marcus Daly, and merchant, banker, and investor, William Andrews Clark. The two men become bitter rivals, employing armies of workers from every corner of… Read More
"The last thing this territory needs is Indian trouble, or a bunch of nervous settlers demanding protection by the army. As United States Marshal for the territory, I figure to send Jeff a little help...I figure to send him you," he said. Read More
A boy and his father go on a trip to Montana Read More
Do not use this book as a travel guide, or even as a loose reference leaflet, to any North American destination in my beautiful Canada or my good pal, the U.S.A. This book is more about my observations and the stuff we all saw and gossiped about on the way… Read More
Count your blessings, love your life, do what makes you happy. NOTE: The Thunderbird Motel pictured is the one in Missoula Montana. Read More
A trip to Montana to start a new life is a journey of dreams and faith. Where will Glori's faith take her and will she find what she is searching for? Note: PDF download is only available at the lulu site and is $5.00. Read More

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Book / Romance

June 07, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Sierra Johnson just moved. In the middle of her sophomore year. She isn't the biggest fan of her parents at the moment, to say the least. Especially when she's moved practically across the country from Montana to Miami Florida. The first day starts off horribly, all thanks to one Doug… Read More
"Deep down in the Montana wilderness is a treasure, a special treasure, that's been trapped underground for the longest time.... Scientists and philosophers for hundreds of years have never knew what the treasure is, don't understand why the treasure's there in the first place, or why it's even buried deep… Read More
Madison Watson thought her new life as a Junior, living in Jordan, Montana with her best friend Tasha, would be easy. But when he mom sends her off on a plane, she doesn't show the least bit of compassion to her leaving. She knows that her sister, Jillian, won't miss… Read More

Book / Romance

August 06, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

Romance in the Montana valley. She went to the ranch for the great trails and fun rides she did not expect to fall for anyone especially a cowboy. When she leaves what will happen to there time in the saddle? My first ever attempt on a romance story in my… Read More

Book / Young Adult

May 30, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

Note: This story was written when I was age 12-13 in the 6th to 7th grade, try not to be TOO critical haha. Eight year old Rae Drayer has lived her short life in confusion. She has no answers to her endless stream of questions. Who is her father? Why… Read More

Poem / Humor

March 07, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

The world is ending via the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus. It's supposed to be a song. Read More
the names says it all. my aunt emailed to them to me. Read More
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