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November 10, 2013

Atticus Fischer and Bruno Moore meet during football practice as 8th graders. Read as they grow into young adults and tackle their problems together, including the Texas State Football Championship, girls, and college ball. Note that the characters and their school are all fictitious. While there is a Palmer, Texas,… Read More
Tribute to the Tornado that ripped through Moore, OK and destroyed so many lives. Our thoughts are with you! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Ellis Moore decides to propose to his Girlfriend, Grace Charles on Valentines Day but will see accept when there is problems in their relationship? Contest entry for EmilieHail. Read More
It is the diary that people love to read. A diary that people love to sneak in, and Kelly Moore is just going to start her days in school as an ordinary first year student, spilling all the gossips and thoughts in her mind. What do you think will be… Read More
I remember from the time I was three hours old to now in perfect detail. I’m special I know that. It frustrates me that I cannot seem to clearly remember those first three hours of life. They are the missing piece in the puzzle of my life. Why am I… Read More
Susie Swatson never understood why her parents were always so busy, or why her brother always seemed to be getting arrested. Or especially why her crush never spoke back to her. But on her 15th birthday, Susie Swatson is hit by a train and wakes up in the hospital as… Read More
What's worse than being stuck in a trailer for 30 days, alone with your worst enemy? Nothing? How about being stuck in a trailer for 30 days, alone with your fiancee? Read More
This peom has multiple meanings, from a childs first car ride, to an alcohol or drug addiction. Read More
Here is a poem I wrote when my boyfriend and I split up. It describes the raw pain that love can leave you with. I hope you like. Read More
This describes a human life, in the way that it is a race. Read More
I'm thinking Hollywood would shit to do a story on Abraham Lee Shakepeare, who won a 17millon dollar jackpot, and than went mysteriously missing while his money continued to get spent,only to turn he gets murdered. and the list of suspects grows until the conclusion is bombshock in final outcome.… Read More
a review/summary of the book Hero by Perry Moore Read More

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February 09, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

Poem I did for the book HERO by Perry Moore. It's an American Lit project I'm doing for my independent reading. ^O^ This is only part of it. I have a summary and crap too. But this was the fun part! Read More
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