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Declan Macrae and Selena Elsom are two people caught on opposite sides of a war raging within their city. They've grown up in two different worlds and now they are both faced with the same questions of morals. Heroism, duty, family, morality-- a choice must be made and it will… Read More
An emotionally-disconnected scientist exploits the world's pragmatism to his advantage by using moral means to get to immoral ends. (Psychological Horror) Read More
A trendy concept today is 'Cultural Relativism' where all traditionsn of a culture should be 'respected' (no matter how much harm they do) and where any criticism is 'being insensitive. I'm challenging this idea, and arguing that this kind of thinking is not just woolly-headed, but dangerous too. Read More

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December 11, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Police Force Read More
We are an audience to written testimonies by a judge who has managed to uncover evidence that could've saved the late Mr.Yousuf Zaidi; an oncologist responsible for carrying out mass euthanasia in a St. John's hospital, from the death sentence that had been levied upon him a few days back.… Read More
A person on the way home from a medical visit finds that life's contentment can come in the cheapest and most everyday of activities and places. Read More
A lowly soldier returns to the captial to meet the Emperor and along the way reminiscences over the people he met and the way they are. (Slice of Life Philosphy story) Image by Michael Kalk ( Read More
What happens after we die? This short story the death of a man named Simon Cassidy, and what happens to him after he dies. Read More
Faith in Morality explores the negative way that homosexual relationships are often viewed in certain circles. The story is told from the point of view of a writer (Caleb) who is comfortable with his sexuality; his relationship with Brant is threatened, however, whenever he sees what others' opinions are doing… Read More
This short story is about the last moments of a bittersweet life, my first "out-of-school" short story ever. Please give me back feedback, I'm the lowest of skilled writers and I would love to learn a thing or two. Read More
Mike L Henry has just awoken, but not from slumber, but from death. To be more correct he has awoken many years after the end of the world. Life has changed, society has died, survival is key and war is not far over the horizon. Mike will have to fight… Read More
Does finding the meaning of life mean exploring ancient texts? Does it mean discovering the true meaning of the religion of your youth and closing off all distractions to its true meaning? Does discovering the meaning of life mean finding the ancient wisdom of the East through dharma, yoga or… Read More
This is a poem about how I feel toward those that plagiarize my hard work. Read More

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February 21, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Poetry is not normally my forte, in fact writing isn't normally my forte, but I thought I'd give it a go and just see what comes out. A general poem expressing the theme of anger caused by love Read More
The story of a young woman figuring out she can't trust anyone. A.B Read More
This article distiguishes between modus vivendi and modus operandi in the Chrstian way of life. It also distinguishes bewteen morality and spirituality. It exposes religious Christianity as an abomination and Christian spirituality as God the Father's destiny for every born-again Christian. Read More
This essays highlights things as they are in the world today... Read More

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December 11, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

This is an essay about materialism. Read More
7 mentally gifted young teens are granted special abilities by a mysterious scientist, who suddenly dies a few days later. Each of the young men must decide how to utilize their new powers, and determine where their allegiance lies in a civil war. Then a seven-way game of cat and… Read More
Ablias Zonn was once the youngest member of the wizard royal family, but when tragedy strikes, he is immediately next in line to become Grand Sorcerer. Once he integrates himself back into society after his mental trauma, he tries out different types of magic in order to decide his path… Read More
Hello Dear Booksie Friends! I greet you after long absence, but things go on. I am deep into second novel 'Square Grouper Sandwich' and also writing eesays and shorts. This book review is one of those ah, exercises. Read More
An extreme take on the effects of bullying in society. Read More
a mind cycle.. with many expressions of life and fantasy! Read More

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Something I have felt strongly about for quite some time involving the subject of spiritual freedom, in particular in the area of love Read More
Based on a true story, this anecdote highlights consequences that could arise from getting out of one's way to reach out to those in need. But let this be a reminder that it is always better to err on the side of doing what is good, rather than be stifled… Read More
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