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January 25, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Cry Me The Night Sky is a horror fiction fantasy book. It is about a couple of friends who jump through dimensions and battle against the horrors of hell. Tara and Zane travel to earth to find that Zane's human life has not abandoned him completely but it leads to… Read More
She loved her cards, sent from the children of three; Held in her withered hands of tissue in scarring. Adults as they had grown to be, but the memory of her, left them as her children, still. In there before, she was bound in their flesh; The morbidity of a… Read More

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Aerie has a secret that becomes even too big for her to keep: At the outset, Aerie--the main character--sleepily lounges around the house. After a moment of forcing herself to stay awake, she gives up and decides to go to sleep. Soon, she becomes suspended in a dream involving a… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

When I write things I usually UNINTENTIONALLY write about death and horror, I guess because that's what I'm best at. So I decided to write a poem making fun of my use of death and morbidity and horror in my stuff I write. Picture from Flickr! Rate and comment please!… Read More
When I first met him he was trying to find a cheap way to be buried.. he decided on devoting his remains to the anatomy room where they would have to bury him for free.. Allister was fixated about his death burial and funeral to the exclusion of everything else… Read More
Read the blue lines first, then the gray ones, then try reading it as a whole. Enjoy! Read More
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